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How does the Opening of "Journey's End" grab the Audience's attention

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How does the Opening of "Journey's End" grab the Audience's Attention? R.C Sheriff's "Journey's End" is a piece of First World War literature and presents a realistic picture of life in the trenches as he had known it and a interpretation of the horrors from the war. It is set in 1918, and opens on Monday March 18th. It is placed in a dugout in the British Trenches before St Quentin. It is a powerful play expressing many different sides of the war from the death and fighting to the way the recruits spend their spare time. This play involves the "C" Company including a Company Commander and four officers. In Act 1 scene 1 the previous company has had a quiet posting with only irregular attacks and the German troup movements are just starting. The opening is one example of the way R.C Sherriff has tried to make it fun as well as stern. ...read more.


During the conversation between Hardy and Osborne we're told that they are expecting a new officer, from Osborne saying, "I hope we're lucky and get a youngster straight from school. They're the kind that do best". There is also a question over "The Big Attack" which we are yet to be knowledgeable about. This is known because the conversation, "...the big German attack's expected any day now... I should think you'll get it right in the neck" between the two officers tells us so, which keeps us interested to find out more. This play is a slice of real life with documentary realism. It has all the right parts to it from the comic of Hardy's jokes to the increasingly serious character conflict and "The Big Attack" which provides us with both contrast and variety. It is a very well thought out play and has no loose ends in the plot. It is easily understood and the messages that you are faced with in the play are clear. ...read more.


They take the war seriously when they need to but in the dugouts they have fun and play many fun games, drink and smoke to help take their minds off the past days events. Overall the opening of the play grabs the audience in a more interesting way than we would expect. It also makes you feel as though you need to listen and read more to find out about these characters, especially Stanhope as he is yet to appear. It emphasises the fact that life in the trenches was not what most people believed it was even though the play showed a realistic side to the war. I feel the play is a very good example of the way in which authors contrast two ideas. The humour and the serious. It combines these two factors very well and helps you understand the events in the book. It is a realistic view on life that none of us know except those who have had the experience in their lives. Zo� Gryntus 11PC ...read more.

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