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How does the relationship between Catherine and Eddie change through the play? Comment on the dramatic significance of the events on P42.

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How does the relationship between Catherine and Eddie change through the play? Comment on the dramatic significance of the events on P42. In this essay I will be discussing the relationship between Catherine and Eddie and how it changes during the play "A View From The Bridge ". Poverty in Italy was a big issue in the late 1940's. Even though there was nice beautiful scenery, getting work there was very hard. As Rodolfo says when Catherine suggests to move to Italy together on page 43 and 44, he reply's "happier, what would you eat? You can't cook the view". The members of Redhook were primarily full off illegal immigrants, who had moved to Redhook due to lack of employment back in Italy. Redhook being a small place meant that everyone knew each other and it was a very tight community, people looked out for each other, this was emphasized in Millers book. Miller chose the location of Redhook as a basis of his story because he himself has worked on the docks, and he chose the storyline of illegal immigrants because he was born of immigrant Italian background. He wrote the book partly on the basis of his life and what it was like. ...read more.


Beatrice says on page 30 to Catherine, "I know, honey. But if you act like a baby he be treatin' you like a baby". She trying to tell Catherine to grow up a bit and act mature because she is around grown men. Catherine doesn't seem to want to know and refuses to believe the idea even came into Beatrice's head. Her ignorance takes the best of her. Near the ending of Act 1, Eddie, Catherine, Beatrice, Rodolfo and Marco are all sitting in the living room, when Catherine decides to get up and put a record on the phonograph; 'Paper Doll' plays, Catherine flushed with revolt builds up the courage and asks Rodolfo if he wants to dance, (Eddie freezes at this moment in time) at first Rodolfo refuses but then stiffly excepts. As the couple dance, the other three are having a conversation about Rodolfo. When Marco tell 'B' and Eddie Rodolfo cooks. Eddie speaks in a sarcastic way, " he a cook, too!" Eddie is trying to imply that Rodolfo is 'gay'. After a little while Rodolfo and Catherine stop dancing. Eddies becomes very annoyed when Catherine compliments Rodolfo, he starts twisting the newspaper unconsciously in a tight roll. ...read more.


He tells her how he will look after her. This can be seen very clearly at the beginning of the play as he treats them very nicely. However when Marco and Rodolfo enter the play, Eddies character change drastically, in the sense that he becomes overprotective and defensive. He try's to make excuses to stop Catherine going out with Rodolfo, only he fails to do so. So he then try's to make it out as if Rodolfo is gal by kissing him, only this pushes Catherine even more and makes her scared. It seems as though every time Rodolfo spoke to Catherine it would rage him up, and he thought that Rodolfo was trying to make a pass at Catherine. Even though it was all-innocent, it turned Eddie into an arrogant and spiteful person, and despite all that he said to Catherine about treating her like a daughter, it led him to losing his life. Eddies feeling started to show when he kissed Catherine and this pushed her away, his behaviour changed all for something he could never had. Eddies character changes in the sense that his feelings for Catherine become more clear and transparent. This just pushes Catherine even further away. Eddies jealousy took over his whole life for someone whose relationship was no more then platonic towards him. A view from the bridge Krishna Patel 10G ...read more.

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