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How Does the Tone Of the Play change after The Death Of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet?

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Hannah Barnes. Year 10 Coursework. How Does the Tone Of the Play change after The Death Of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet? The story Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Tragedy began in Greece in about 5th century B.C. In every tragedy an innocent Character/ Characters will be killed. The audience experience feelings of shock, horror, distress and sympathy. There is also always a certain point where the hero (Romeo in this case) realises that by his own mistake (fighting Tybalt and in result Mercutio killed.) without this there would not be a tragedy. The mood is always changed dramatically at a certain point; this excites the audience and gives more moral and meaning to the play. The mood is changed dramatically in Romeo and Juliet when Mercutio is killed. The whole tragedy hinges on one false step, which sets the tragic process in motion. This creates momentum, and from this point things start going wrong at a worrying pace. From the time Mercutio is killed Romeo is becoming more and more happy. At the start of the play Romeo feels there is nothing to live for, as then the person he thought he originally loved (Rosaline) did not love him. "This love that thou hast shown doth add more grief to too much of mine own" Romeo says this in act one ...read more.


others must end" relates back to the fighting that has been happening for a long time and is not the present peoples fault yet they are the ones suffering. Romeo feels this day is doom as he has just killed his love Juliet's cousin. What Romeo says is an epigram, it briefly summarises the tragic death very quickly. The tone of the play here drastically changes as here you find Romeo now worrying about his love Juliet as before he has just thought of the positive side of life with her, he has not properly studied the negative consequences. The tone creates Pathos and is reflected onto the audience. Where as Romeo's first words were the above, his innitial actions were to retaliate and he did this by returning the gesture and killed Tybalt. This is yet another of the tragic incidents happening at a worrying pace. Romeo immediately realises that he has done wrong- "O I am fortune's fool!" He says. He immediatly realised the consequences, and the stupidity of committing the murder. By killing Tybalt Romeo may never be able to see Juliet again, let alone live a lie with her. Whilst Romeo's reactions were anger, Juliet's reactions were relief at very first, because she got the impression from the nurse before she clearly explained the situation it was Romeo that was killed. ...read more.


Friar Laurence at this point wants Romeo and Juliet to be happy, Friar Laurence at this point is also appearing as a hero. He says Romeo will be informed about the idea by a letter. However the letter is unable to be delivered, and once again the tragedy wheel strikes. Romeo returns and thinks Juliet is dead so kills himself, Juliet then wakes sees Romeo dead and promptly kills herself. The tragic process started with the death of Mercutio and ended with the death if the heroes. As a result of this Capulet and Montague's made peace. The tone immediately changed after the death of Mercutio, as that is when the audience changed their emotions, when the bad things started to happen. When the play would have been shown to an Elizabethan audience, feelings of shock, horror, distress and sympathy would be experienced. The audience would notice the tone of the play change after the death of mercutio. Up till this point after a depressing start things were starting to look brighter for Romeo. But then Mercutio was killed and the tragic motion started developing until the tragedy finally rested on the letter being unable to be delivered. When Mercutio was killed the tone expressed shock, horror and distress, this is also how the play ended when Romeo and Juliet died. The tragedy expressed a circle of doom, and as all tragedy's was simplya story that ended unhappily. ...read more.

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