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How does the writer use the trial of Tom Robinson to bring out the themes and issues in To Kill A Mockingbird?

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By Lucy Hughes M5 Aleph ?How does the writer use the trial of Tom Robinson to bring out the themes and issues in this book?? To Kill a Mockingbird brings out many themes and issues during the book. The trial of Tom Robinson helps the readers to understand the prejudice that the black people faced in Maycomb. The themes of prejudice and courage reflect the trial of Tom Robinson who was racially and falsely accused of raping a white woman. The trial of Tom Robinson brings out the theme of Maycomb in To Kill a Mockingbird. Maycomb is a very small town and everybody knows everything. The trial of Tom Robinson is the centre of all the gossip, and on the day of the hearing, everyone heads down to the court to watch and to listen. Maycomb was very busy with the rail, ?there was no room at the public hitching rail for another animal, mules and wagons were parked under every available tree.? The use of the word wagon suggests that people travelled from neighbouring tows to attend the trial, and shows how large the trial had become in everyone?s gossip. ...read more.


Tom Robinson faces racial prejudice from Mr Gilmer, ?You felt sorry for her?. The words ?sorry? and ?her? are in italics to suggest the emphasis on them, which stresses the point that Mr Gilmer thought it absurd for a black man of a lower class to feel sorry for a white woman. The reader feels sympathy for Tom as he clearly has done nothing wrong, for a modern day black man to feel sorry for a white woman would be completely acceptable but here you can see the strong racial prejudice, and is hard for the reader to comprehend. There is additional racial prejudice in the way Mr Gilmer refers to Tom Robinson as ?boy? when Tom Robinson refers to him as ?sir?. The dialect Harper Lee uses for Tom Robinsons shows the language barrier between black people and white people, expressing to the reader the racial prejudice. Another theme in the book bought out by the trial of Tom Robinson is the theme of courage. Tom Robinson has the courage to stand up to Mr Ewell and tell the truth. ...read more.


His face ?streaked with angry tears?, he is having difficulty coming to terms with the reality of the adult world facing him. Scout, Jem and Dill grow up when they meet Dolphus Raymond. They are led to believe that Dolphus Raymond was ?an evil man? and when he kindly offered to give Dill and drink, Scout suspected that he was only doing it because he was ?evidently taking delight in corrupting a child. Dolphus Raymond shows Scout, Jem and Dill that they rumours around Maycomb about him are not true. A large theme in To Kill a Mockingbird is the theme of Mockingbirds. In To Kill a Mockingbird, the bird symbolises innocence and natural goodness. Tom Robinson is like a mockingbird, partly because he is physically disabled. He is also socially ?disabled?, his real weakness. Mockingbirds make music for people to enjoy and do not receive anything in return, just like Tom Robinson would chop up furniture for Mayella Ewell, and did not accept any payment. Tom Robinson was innocent, just like Mockingbirds are innocent, however he was charged with being guilty as people could not accept that a black man could have done something right. ...read more.

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