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How does Willie change and develop as a character in the play 'Hobson's Choice' unfolds.

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How does Willie change and develop as a character in the play 'Hobson's Choice' unfolds. 'Hobson's Choice' was first performed in 1915 and was written by Harold Brighouse. At this time the social class structure in Britain was very strict, and this provides the basis on which this book is based. For example, people with a lot of money who could afford private education by governesses were counted as upper-class. Prosperous tradesmen for example were middle class. The less fortunate people who were poor and who had to work manually to make a living, to look after their families, were the working class. Some people were usually from workhouses and orphanages which is what made them the lowest of the low. Working class were never expected to achieve anything beyond their own class, although a new class in society (called the 'nouveau riche') was already emerging. This was where industrialists had up made money in business and had married into a class above them. The industrialists needed the social approval that marrying into the class gave them, and the upper class needed the money. In this story, Willie's father was from a workhouse so Willie is thought of as a worker who will never achieve anything higher than his work in the cellar. This was proved not to be the case further on in the story where Willie married Maggie and became a prosperous tradesman like Maggie's father Mr. ...read more.


In the film, the same thing happened, but this time, we as the audience could actually see it happening. The fact that he's being hit makes us feel sorry for him as he didn't love Maggie and was only doing as he's told, and because of that, he's being beaten. When Hobson hits Willie for the second and third time, we can see that he's become braver as he has the sense of anger in his eyes which we can see in the film. He then storms out of the shop with Maggie. The next change we see in Willie is at his wedding. Maggie says "Sithee, Will, I've a respect for church. Yon's not the place for lies. The parson's going to ask you will you have me and you'll either answer truthfully or not at all. If you're not willing, just say so now, and -" Willie then says he'll say "yes". This shows that his feelings towards Maggie have changed. This is also supported when he tells Maggie that "she's growing on him". After their wedding, Maggie, Willie, Alice, Vickey, Albert Prosser and Freddie Beenstock go to Willie's shop in the cellar in Oldfield Road. This is where we can see a big change in Willie. He has become more self confident and has been educated by Maggie to speak well. ...read more.


Not only did she sell the boots at a good price, but she also taught him how to be successful by increasing his self-confidence and boldness. This is how he eventually manages to stand up to Mr. Hobson and become his partner in business. We can tell by this scene that Willie has grown all the way through the play, and has been able to climb the ladder of class and become 'Master of Hobson's, which very rarely happened in real life. Maggie has also taught him to be self-confident and proud, which is what made him a real rival to Hobson. His original work was making boots for Mr. Hobson at 16 shillings a week, but now he runs his own shop and has a partnership with Hobson to share his shop half and half. This is a big difference from what he originally did. Willie's life has also gone round in a circle. He started off a poor, working class citizen, then he moved to a shop and then finally came back to his original workplace but as the boss. I think that Maggie helped Willie a lot. She taught him how to speak well and how do dress properly. She also taught him to stand up for himself, but if he didn't have it in him, he wouldn't have been able to this. Maggie also helped him on his way to having a successful business. Without her, Willie would never have been what he is by the end of the play. ...read more.

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