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How Does Willy Russell enable the audience to empathise with the situation of women in his plays?

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How Does Willy Russell enable the audience to empathise with the situation of women in his plays? Willy Russell was born and brought up in, Whiston just outside Liverpool. He was born in 1947. Russell comes from a working class background. He grew up with mostly women around him: his mother, grandmother and his aunts. This had a big influence on his work and writing about women, and class, such as Shirley Valentine, Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons and Rita in Educating Rita. After leaving school with one English O-level, first he became a ladies hairdresser and ran his own salon. Russell then undertook a variety of jobs, also writing songs which were performed in local folk clubs. Besides he wrote songs and sketches for local radio programmes. At 20 years of age, he returned to college and became a teacher in Toxteth. Around this time he met his later wife Annie and became interested in writing drama. Carol Chandler is the first character we meet in Our Day Out. She is the main character in the play. Carol is a thirteen year old girl who is described as arriving to school in her uniform which Willy Russell describes as doubling up as Sunday best. ...read more.


Willy Russell is making a point that he is trapped in his own view and in reality, things aren't always as straightforward and in place as they seem. An example of this is when the children are in the shop and 'the counter cannot be seen for pushing, impatient kids'. If Mr Briggs were at the counter then this would not have occurred, as his own regimented ideas would have been practiced. Mr Briggs like many other characters is trapped in to their class. Rita (Susan White) in Educating Rita is the main character in play. She is a women in her late 20's who is a hair dresser. But she has got bored with her life and the way she lives it . She is looking for something more in her life but does not know what it is. so she goes to the open universty to help her find what she is looking for. Frank is a fifty year old university lecture whose boredom and isolation have led him into being an alcoholic to alleviate his depression. Due to his excess drinking Frank has started giving Open University courses to cover his drinking cost, thus teaching Rita. ...read more.


Johnston. How are you? How are you enjoying the job?" "Oh it's, its smashing thank you, Mrs. Lyons. It's such a lovely house it's a pleasure to clean it" "Yes, it's a pretty house isn't it? It's a pity it's so big. I'm finding it rather large at present" When Mrs Johnston confides in her employer of her problem after she finds out she is going to have twins Mrs Lyons uses the situation to her advantage and persuades Mrs Johnston to give her one of the twins at birth and makes her take an oath on the bible that she will never tell anyone of the adoption as Mr Lyons is against it. She tells Mrs Johnston that when twins find out that they're brothers that die. Mrs Johnston is a very superstitious is May because of her social class. Overall I think that Willy Russell get many important issues across the stage in his play he does this a very watch able way and enjoyable way. His characters in the play are very deep people that have lives that put across many problems in the world. He is very good at making us understand the Characters in the plays and their feeling. Willy Russell is a very talented play writer whose plays will last the test of time. Jake Galloway ...read more.

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