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How does Willy Russell lead the audience to feel differently about Mr Briggs as the play progresses?

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How does Willy Russell lead the audience to feel differently about Mr Briggs as the play progresses? The play "our day out" is written by Willy Russell. The play is set in inner city Liverpool in a particularly industrial are. It is about a school which has a small class for the children with a lower ability academically and they learn maths and literacy skills that are of a lower standard. This class is called the progress class and is lead by a teacher named Mrs Kay, an elderly woman, she is kind and sensitive. Mrs Kay chose to take the children in the progress class on a trip. The headmaster agreed with Mrs Kay and allowed the trip to take place. The headmaster sent Mr Briggs on the trip to supervise and help out. Mr Briggs was traditional and old fashioned in his methods of teaching. The headmaster asks Mr Briggs to go on the trip because he does not believe that Mrs Kay has the ability to control the children with just two other members of staff. He did not believe that she was well enough prepared for the occasion. The headmaster begins to change his mind about the trip taking place but Mrs Kay threatens to resign if she is rejected the trip. ...read more.


Also in a conversation with Andrews, Mr Briggs catches him smoking and asks him to quit. Andrews replies by saying that he is addicted at the young age of thirteen. Briggs, hearing this asks what his parents think of him smoking. Andrews says "sir, sir, me mum says nott'n about it but when me dad comes home, sir, sir he belts me". Andrews goes on further to say that his dad does not belt him because he wants him to stop but because he will not give his father a cigarette. Briggs is in disbelief but begins to understand more about the children and their backgrounds. As Mr Briggs starts to understand more about the children's lives he agrees to give all the children a class talk about the animals at the class's next destination, the zoo. Whilst at the zoo Mr Briggs takes some of the children round the exhibits and tells them about the animals. At one particular exhibit which consisted of a bear in a pit, one boy talks about animals should be free, not locked up in a pit or a cage. Mr Briggs replies by saying that none of the animals know any different, they are born in captivity. The boy disagrees he is adamant that the bear must know of some other way of life, a life where there are no fences. ...read more.


This shows the audience another side to Mr Briggs, a happier, human side. Even when the class arrives back at school, Briggs lets Linda get away with not wearing her uniform and Linda in surprise comments, "I didn't know you were like that sir. Y'no alright for a laugh and that". Hearing this, Briggs realises what he has done and the audience see him change back into his normal way, this is shown by him looking at the school and then tidying his tie up. When the class arrive back at school Mr Briggs seems to reverse his changes and he changes back to his traditional ways of shouting. He looks up at the school and crumples up the roll of film he had taken off Mrs Kay to develop. This symbolise that he has thrown away evidence that he ever changed at all. This means that he will never treat the children differently again. Willy Russell believes that no child like Carol and the other will ever stand a chance in any school as there will always be teachers like Mr Briggs. He thinks that children in the progress class and similar children in other schools are locked in a pit just like the bear at the zoo. Away from everyone else. ?? ?? ?? ?? Josh Kearsley Our Day Out ...read more.

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