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How Does Willy Russell Maintain The Audiences Interest Throughout Blood Brothers When We Are Told The Ending In The Prologue?

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How Does Willy Russell Maintain The Audiences Interest Throughout Blood Brothers When We Are Told The Ending In The Prologue? "Blood Brothers" is set in Liverpool in the early eighties. The play follows the life of two main characters: Eddie Lyons and Mickey Johnstone. In this play the two main characters are biological twin brothers, who are separated at birth due to the fact that their mother, Mrs Johnstone, cannot afford to bring them both up since she already has seven children and can barely support her family. So Mrs Lyons offers that she adopt one to her because she is too infertile to have her own, and she desperately wants a child. Reluctantly Mrs Johnstone agrees and when they are born one is passed over to Mrs Lyons, bearing in mind that her husband is away for nine months and does not know she is adopting. He disagrees with this approach because he feels the child is not his own. So Mrs Lyons pretends to be pregnant and when he returns says that it is theirs. The boys grow up, one in a working class family the other in a middle class, Eddie is considerably more well off than Mickey. Though the boys have very different upbringings and personalities they both yearn to be like one another, this is shown in the song "My Friend." ...read more.


Throughout the play we experience different types of humour such as the use of a pun when Mickey and Eddie are discussing Sammy's head. Mickey tells Edward about Sammy having a metal plate put in his head when he had an accident. Edward says: "A side plate?" and Mickey replies: "No, its on top." This pun leads to misunderstanding due the children's innocence and the way they are oblivious to the double meaning makes the conversation amusing. We experience incongruity when Edward and his mother argue and Eddie says: "You're a fuckoff!" He has picked up this bad language from his new friends and it sounds completely out of place with his surroundings, which is what makes the audience laugh, as it is completely unexpected. There is an example of slapstick or visual humour when the children are playing with another gang. They are impersonating various people and Sammy pretends to be a professor with a bomb. The bomb is really a condom full of water and it explodes over the children. This makes the audience laugh without actually hearing any words spoken. However, Blood Brothers is not a straightforward comedy. There are elements of sadness, happiness, frustration and pain in the play. We experience conflict which balances the humour. There are examples of physical, verbal, overt and covert conflict throughout the play. ...read more.


Eddie also loves Linda but he knows that she loves Mickey and he also does not have the confidence to do anything. So there is a love triangle, this triangle is what kills the twins, through it Mickey becomes jealous when he hears from Mrs Lyons that Eddie and Linda are having an affair, in the end he kills Eddie. Blood Brothers is composed of fairly simple storylines. There is nothing too difficult to understand and it helps the audience to stay focused and involved with the action. The varied scene changes in the film work to keep the audience captivated, as does the upbeat, fast pace of the play. The music creates a dramatic atmosphere and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. An incidence of this is when excitement is created by the sounds of a heartbeat rising to a crescendo. But Willy Russell doesn't maintain the audiences interest with only the storyline, he cleverly uses stage directions, for example when mrs Overall I feel Willy Russell is very successful in sustaining the audience's attention and involving them with his characters due to the effectiveness of his writing. The plotlines are simple yet captivating, and the characterisation is vivid and imaginative. It is easy to empathise with the emotions experienced by his characters, which makes us care about what happens to them. Russell is also highly successful in building dramatic tension and the conclusion of the play is both shocking and thought provoking. Robert Minks Page 1 5/10/2007 ...read more.

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