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How doesArthur Miller explore the idea of justice in 'A View From The Bridge'.

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How does Arthur Miller explore the idea of justice in 'A View From The Bridge'. The play 'A View From The Bridge' by Arthur Miller is set in the American Sicilian community of Red Hook, in Brooklyn. Community bonds and strong codes of justice are very important in the community. Betrayal of your family or your community is the worst crime you can commit. For instance the story of Vinny Bolzano that Eddie told to Catherine and Beatrice. The story that Eddie told Catherine and Beatrice was the story of Vinny Bolzano. It was about a boy aged about fourteen years old who told the police that his family were hiding his uncle, who was an illegal immigrant. When his family found out that it was Vinny who had told the police about the uncle they disowned him. The whole community turned against him. They even kicked and beat him. "grabbed him in the kitchen and pulled him down the stairs - three flights his head was bouncin' like a coconut." Not betraying your family was so important to Eddie as you would be going against the community codes and this was not done. If it were, the community would disown you. Honour and reputation are also very important to the community. ...read more.


This is noticeable as they both share the same thoughts, views and ideas. Before Marco and Rodolpho arrived in America Eddie told Beatrice and Catherine that they could not tell any one about Marco and Rodolpho staying with them. He tried to show them with the story about Vinny Bolzano how important it was that nobody found out about Marco and Rodolpho. Eddie was trying to really stress to Beatrice and Catherine that keeping quiet about Marco and Rodolpho was extremely important. If they told even a friend it could spread that they were hiding Marco and Rodolpho and the immigration authorities are more likely to find out. He hoped they would realise how important it was to say nothing and that they feared the consequences! At the beginning of the play Eddie was trying to stop anyone, especially the immigration authorities finding out about Marco and Rodolpho. They were his wife's cousins and he didn't want them to be found out, and sent back to Italy. As he got to know them and he learnt that Rodolpho and his niece Catherine wanted to get married, his opinion of Rodolpho changed. He thought that Rodolpho only wanted to marry Catherine to gain his American citizenship, he also thought that Rodolpho was gay. ...read more.


This is also because Eddie disapproves of most things Catherine does like when she wanted to get a job, the clothes she wears, and the way she walks and later on her relationship with Rodolpho. I know these things because Eddie says to Catherine about her skirt "I think its too short" he also says to her about her job, "You can't take no job. Why didn't you ask me before you take a job?" Catherine doesn't like this because she respects Eddie but he doesn't seem to show her the same respect she deserves, as she is nearly an adult. At the very end of the play Marco stabs and kills Eddie. He does this because Eddie no longer has trust in him or his brother Rodolpho. He really didn't want Catherine to marry Rodolpho. He tried to prove that Rodolpho was gay by kissing him and seeing if he kissed him back. This did not work so he accused him of only wanting to marry Catherine to get his American citizenship. All this was to stop Catherine marrying Rodolpho. Eddie is begging Marco to give him his name back. "I want my name Marco." By this he means that he wants his reputation back. Marco won't apologize and 'give back' Eddies name. Even if Marco apologized the community would still see Eddie as untrustworthy. 1 Caroline Fletcher ...read more.

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