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How dose JB Priestly criticise British society in "An Inspector Calls".

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How dose JB Priestly criticise British society in "An Inspector Calls" In the following essay I will be discussing the play "An Inspector Calls" and how JB Priestly criticises British society using historical and cultural settings, characters and dramatic irony. J B Priestley's writing was influenced by his experiences between 1911-14. He grew up in a group of his fathers socialist friends, this made him politically minded. The theme of the play is the effect that individual's actions can have over a passage of time. The play follows a progression, of a middle class family from an industrial town, from ignorance to knowledge for both the audience and characters. The style of the play at first appears to be a detective thriller; audience interest is sustained be progressive revelations, about each character, as the inspector drives them to confess. ...read more.


This difference from modern society is easily criticised as it in a way congregated the people. JB Priestly criticises society particularly through Arthur Birling, he says to Gerald Croft his daughters fianc� "your mother, lady croft, while she doesn't object to my girl, feels you might have done better yourself socially" this shows that it isn't only the Birlings that have no sense of community and believe in an all for one kind of scenario. From this passage the post war societies realise would recognise the dramatic irony highlighting the narrow minded of Pre-War society. Mr birling is manifested as gluttonus, " you stole my money" he says this to his son when he discovers he was helping the victim Eva Smith, who he had impregnated. ...read more.


He says "I threatened to make a row" this shows lower class people and women felt they should look up to the higher classes and men. In the essay I have just written I have spoke about how J B Priestly criticises society. He does this through the characters in the play "An Inspector Calls" he uses them to show how pre 1914 society had a rigid social structure where the higher class people had no regards for lesser fortunate. He uses the character Mr Goole to express his view and the others to show the common view and hoe wrong it is. Today there isn't a social structure as rigid as everyone has equal rights I think this is the society that J B Priestly was trying to promote. ...read more.

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