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How dose Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Grab The Reader’s Interest In The Speckled Band And How Does He Maintain It

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How dose Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Grab The Reader's Interest In The Speckled Band And How Does He Maintain It Sherlock Holmes s is a detective in the world of fiction. He lived in B Baker Street with his friend Dr. Watson who helped him with all mysteries. Mr. Holmes never accepted a case except if it pointed to the unknown or the impossible. Many people tried to visit his address but, of course, it is in the world of fiction. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote seventythree short stories and three novels and in all of them Mr. ...read more.


I remember that it was full of papers. There isn't a cat in it for example? No what a strange idea! Well look at this! He took up a small saucer of milk, which stood on the top of it No: We don't keep a cat. But there is a cheetah and a baboon" This example makes the reader wonder why did he ask if there was a cat or not, that makes you more interested and willing to continue so you'll get a solution. " My name is Helen stoner, and I am living with my stepfather, who is the last survivor of one of the oldest Saxon families in England, the Roylott of stoke Moran, on the western border of Surrey, Holmes nodded his head (the name is familiar to me); said he the family..." ...read more.


Also after introducing all the characters he shows a huge difference between the characters, which makes the audience, astonished how they manage to get along with each other. As an example on this feature Ms. Helen Stoner and Ms. Julia Stoner are so tender and sensitive to their stepfather Dr. grimesby Roylott who isn't just rough but insensitive as well as a murderer. The last bit and the most important characteristics that Sir Arthur Doyle creates is the narrative tensions by which the author discloses the plot, analysing the evidence very slowly throughout the passage means the audience can't stop or have enough of reading. In this way Conan Doyle has become one of the most flourishing writers is the whole of the last century. ...read more.

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