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How dose William Golding use the beast in the novel as a whole.

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How dose William Golding use the beast in the novel as a whole The idea of the beast slowly develops in the L.O.T.F from a Childs nightmare to all the boy's fear ''the creature'' the first time the boys see a physical form of what might be a beast which is some think they fear. The first reference to the actual beast is made by a boy with a giant birthmark which covers half his face he says he saw a '' snake thing-beastie'' which means evil as a snake is going to destroy there paradise (Eden) this is the beginning of the children's nightmares as they all start to get scared but Ralph and jack try to stop them being scared by saying '' but there isn't a beastie '' and when the some littluns aren't convinced jack says if the beast dose exist he and his hunters will kill it. ...read more.


with claws anyway'' un less they are ''frightened of people'' then a littluns brings the thought that ''the beast comes out of the sea'' they all can believe this as huge creatures live in the sea one child says ''my dad says loads of unknown creatures live in the sea'' then one boy says ''the beast is a goast'' this shows the children do not know what the beast is so they try to come up with some explanation. Ralph wants a adult to come but his wish is answered with a twist a dead parachutist lands on the rocks on the mounting and when the wind blows the parachutist is pulled to his feet and appears to look over the island. ...read more.


he is ''screaming'' about the man on the mountain side then he dies ''the beast lay still'' and Simon was dead and the tide began to sweep the body away the innocence and the truth were gone for ever ''Simons dead body moved out to sea.'' This shows the beast is a imagination of the boys brought to life by there fears and develops as there fears increase and is used as a way of hiding the evil in them after the hunters kill Simon jack says that the beast did it so he can see himself as a good person when he is evil the fact that the beast is given a physical form in the book increases the boys fears so the evil of the beast increases and the boys see it more often. ...read more.

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