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How Doyle creates a story through the eyes of a 10 year old boy in "Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha"?

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How Doyle creates a story through the eyes of a 10 year old boy Over the course of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, Paddy's life changes significantly as he grows up, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. This effects Paddy's anecdotes and the way he tells them or perceives information. As Paddy's world changes, the reader becomes more challenged and finds that they need to read between the lines to understand the story. Paddy Clarke is a na�ve 10 year old school boy who only sees the world through his immature eyes. He tells things you wouldn't normally tell, unless you were a 10 year old school boy. "He dirtied his trousers one day" this shows that Paddy finds this very amusing.. Doyle writes these childish things as Paddy, for the reason that childish narrative makes Paddy more interesting and believable. Another example of this is when Paddy pretends to be in a war when he's only getting his jumper: "I made a noise like bombs exploding as I grabbed the jumper off the bricks". ...read more.


Paddy tells his stories in this random way because he seems to be trying to tell us a main story but gets sidetracked by little details, this causes him to branch off into a different story. This is shown best in how Paddy begins in telling us stories that he deems fun, but slowly, he grows up and understands more of what is going on around him so he starts telling us different stories about his parents such as his parents fighting and being worried about his parent's love for each other. This makes the reader feel sorry for Paddy and it creates a sense of foreboding as it makes the reader want to know what happens with his parents. Doyle is very smart in presenting Paddy's world in this way as it keeps the reader interested and eager to read on. Paddy has a very small world. This world begins to grow and expand as the book progresses. ...read more.


As we have seen throughout the book, Paddy uses violence to relieve himself of his feelings and Sinbad is usually the target, so after the incident in the car, Paddy takes it out on him. Paddy makes up for his bad feelings by telling facts and things he knows are true. "Snails and slugs are gastropods" is an example. Paddy is upset that he does not understand what is going wrong so he reassures himself with hard facts, where his parent's love, is not a hard fact. Doyle creates Paddy's world in a variety of ways, from oddly arranged anecdotes to Paddy's world being shaped. The way Doyle writes through the eyes of a 10 year old, not as an adult looking back on his childhood, adds a different effect as you can see the world through unbiased eyes, it also gives you a different perspective on the people in the book as they are described by a young boy who knows very little about the world outside of his life. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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