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How effective do you find the opening to enduring love? What do you find interesting about McEwan's style?

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How effective do you find the opening to enduring love? What do you find interesting about McEwan's style? The opening to Enduring Love is designed to draw us into the book and keep us reading on for more information. McEwan claimed that he wrote the opening chapter in a way that would give effects similar to a "highly addictive drug", always trying to keep the reader involved and addicted to the events unfolding. The key word here is "addictive". To make the opening addictive McEwan needs to utilize techniques that make the reader "addicted" to the novel, after reading the opening chapter I think to an extent he has achieved this. However I would hardly say the opening is anywhere near as addictive as a "highly addictive drug", nevertheless without using chemicals this is about as addictive as books come. Tension is commonly used in books to make them more exciting. Tension is used to good affect throughout the opening chapter to get the reader "addicted", this is a very important element for the opening to contain. Tension is built up in various styles in the opening. From the very first line, "The beginning is simple to mark" tension is present. ...read more.


balloon off the ground, "the first was vicious" "before the shouting could resume, the second punch came and knocked the balloon up". Throughout this paragraph where the incident is coming to its climax the reader is very anxious and tensed and this makes the opening effective. The opening also gives us a good picture of some of the characters and what to expect from them. Joe's scientific interests and thinking patterns appear even at this early stage, "I don't know how she resisted the urge to run" "comforting geometry" "limited plane" "that elemental gas" and such phrases show Joe is a logical thinker that relates things he sees to science and maths. He can't understand how Clarissa resists "the urge to run", this shows he has difficulty understanding Clarissa's illogical behaviour and is confused by it. McEwan effectively draws Joe's character out of him from the very start, this gets the reader to relate to the characters more, and this is an effective writing technique. The narrator reveals almost nothing about Joe's relationship with Clarissa apart from that they share a childless marriage, but doesn't offer us any reasons to why. He does this deliberately, leaving the reader needing more information to feed their addiction that this opening chapter has created. ...read more.


The last line of this final paragraph is also very long and flowing, which makes it gather suspension and dread throughout it. The last part of this sentence "a boy" "a man in need of help" gives the reader the subjects of the "catastrophe" and builds momentum for the stories conclusion. An interesting style present in the opening chapter is the way that McEwan leaves gaps between the actual balloon stories. He fills these gaps with other stories not anything directly to do with the incident, this technique builds up the characters and what we know of them and makes us even more eager to hear or "addicted" to the balloon story. I think this is both interesting and effective and found when I was reading the book that I was drawn to every word. Styles and techniques present in the opening of "Enduring Love" are important because they make the reader more likely to carry on reading the rest of the book. What is really interesting here is that the main event is in the first chapter this leaves the reader empty and desiring more from the book after the first chapter. I think this make the book interesting and certainly makes it different, from high point of the opening the book falls down and builds slowing up again to the final climax. I think this is effective. ...read more.

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