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How effective is Honda's

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How effective is Honda's 'The Impossible Dream' 'The Impossible Dream' advert commissioned by Honda in 2005 is a two-minute long epitome of how to use a catchy theme tune. The advert depicts a man, Simon Day, making a journey. He sings, rides and drives a variety of vehicles, backed by the song 'The Impossible Dream', which serves as the non-diegetic soundtrack, and was one of the last recordings by Andy Williams dubbed 'The King Of Easy-Listening'. As the music builds in pace and volume, so the man graduates to new vehicles - each one bigger and better than the previous one - starting with a small scooter, and culminating in a Honda-branded hot air balloon. This balloon suggests fulfillment of dreams and ambitions, because it floats away from the trials below it. The advert focuses on the founder of Honda's core belief that great things start from humble beginnings and that by aiming for the impossible, impossible dreams can be achieved. This advert exemplifies this, and went on to anchor the "Power of Dreams" campaign. ...read more.


The dogs act as if they can somehow sense that something remarkable is about to happen, and appear to want to hold him back on his journey. Once he has outrun them a symbolic hurdle has been cleared on his 'quest' and the action speeds up dramatically. There are various front and profile mid-shots of the actor singing along to the words of the song, as calm as if he was listening to it on a car radio. As the advert continues, the camera jump cuts through various long shots of the man's journey, each time on a new vehicle. All the time the film adopts a high camera angle, as if someone is watching from on high and inspecting his trials - he is seen riding a quad bike along flat, golden sands, then driving an S500 sports car through wild prairie, dust spraying from his rear wheels, facing an immense fiery sun. Twisting round alpine hillsides with crisp, newly laid roads on a Goldwing racing bike, as if something new and fresh was beginning. ...read more.


Humans are fallible after all. And then, unfathomably, amazingly, we see a flame flare; and then a huge, Honda branded hot air balloon materializes from the mist, bearing the man away as he sings his parting words, with great gusto, creating an exciting climax for he audience: ".......To reach, the unreachable, star!" As the music slowly fades out, a dubbed voice over comes in: "I couldn't have put it better myself."And arguably few could. The advert was a great success, winning '2005 Advert of the Year' at the British Television Advert Awards, and bringing in huge revenue for Honda. It was hailed as a triumph, and I have to agree. The fact that I remembered it so clearly after three years is testament to this. The brilliant backing track - so catchy and inspiring - the haunting imagery, the endlless expanses of wilderness that he conquers, and the emotional acting of Simon Day adds a very special poignancy, makes it a very memorable, and therefore effective advert. "To dream, the impossible dream, To fight, the unbeatable foe, To bear, with unbearable sorrow To run, where the brave dare not go." - Joe Darion, from Man of La Mancha ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Lynas Remove RDAL ...read more.

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