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How effective is the “Tomb of Sarah” as a Gothic Horror story?

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How effective is the "Tomb of Sarah" as a Gothic Horror story? Standard Gothic Horror stories often incorporate many factors designed to create fear and suspense in the reader. These can include many features comprising of: old legends, mythical beasts and courageous heroes. The "Tomb of Sarah" is the story focussing around the life of a church restorer who faces an unusual case when he must move a tomb 10 feet southward. Strange events start to occur, including dogs howling for periods of time, mysterious fog rises and sheep disappear. We find out for certain that this is the work of a vampire, the "Countess Sarah". It eventually takes the Heroic efforts of Harry the church restorer and the rector, to prevent the arising of this evil force and to stop her from spreading her evil. The reason that the "Tomb of Sarah" is so effective as a Gothic Horror story is because of its in inkeeping with the Gothic Horror genre. ...read more.


Even when face to face with her he acts courageously and has the power to overcome her. The rector in the story (Harry's companion) is very doubtful of the truth, In this way the readers can sympathise with him as we ourselves are not convinced despite all the evidence up unto the final point and try to find a more rational solution. Unlike Harry the rector is not calm and is unsure of how to act when confronted by the Vampire. It is not surprising that when the creature attempts to seduce them that it is only the Vicar who falls for her influence and it takes Harry to rescue him. We are introduced to the villain uniquely with an inscription on the side of a tomb. " Let this sculpture remain undisturbed and its occupant undisturbed till the coming of Christ" We get an image of the pure evil the creature must contain when it hints that it is only the power of Christ that can stop her. ...read more.


This is another example of setting being used to convey atmosphere and events in the story. One aspect that amplifies the effectiveness of the story is how realistic it is. For a piece of text to leave a lasting impact, the author must have a realistic approach to the story. In the "Tomb of Sarah", the theme of the story being a super naturalistic theme, i.e. Vampires, makes it difficult to seem realistic. However we are still presented with aspects of realism: The story is told by the son of the hero of the story. The fact that the story is given in the form of a diary allows for a chronological retelling and is presented as historical evidence. It is easier to believe when it is professionals who are the hero's, Harry and the rector, than someone who does not know what he is doing. In conclusion F.G Lorring combines the tomb of Sarah with traditional gothic horror features, as well as including his own intelligent writing, and adding realistic factors to make The Tomb of Sarah a very effective Gothic Horror story. ...read more.

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