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How effective is the ending of Shakespeare's play the tempest?

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How effective is the ending of Shakespeare's play the tempest? The Tempest is a magical play written by Shakespeare in the final stages of his career and is allegedly the last play he wrote independently. The play has a very basic storyline of someone trying to gain revenge using magical powers, but the play involves many characters building up suspense and enhancing the storyline. The play was written between 1606 and 1611 and is set on an island. The story begins with a huge shipwreck caused by a tempest, which is created by Prospero's magical powers and this allows him to gain revenge on his brother, Antonio who usurped him as Duke of Milan. During the play Prospero plays around with the characters involved in the shipwreck, which sets the plot up for an exciting ending with Prospero taking revenge on all the people who have acted against him. But the ending is much less profiled and Prospero forgives all those have done him wrong without reaping revenge. This ending is a clear shock to the audience as the play is set up for a very exciting and explosive ending. During the essay I will the answer the question of how effective the ending of the play is, the impact it has on the audience and whether the ending is a suitable for the play. ...read more.


Also other themes include betrayal shown by Antonio towards Prospero and love shown by Prospero towards Miranda and the love shared by Miranda and Ferdinand. All these themes relate to the ending as they help to build the storyline. In the play Shakespeare expresses all his messages through the script and he asks the audience for freedom from all of his playwriting, the play as a whole relates to Shakespeare's messages. Also the Tempest is the last play he wrote independently so he tries to talk about himself as a portrayal of him and his life through the character of Prospero. In the play Shakespeare puts across some of his messages through the character of Prospero and in his final speech he puts across his final messages. They can be identified when the speech is broken down. Prospero's final speech is the final part of the play and is the focus for the ending. The speech is the most detailed and personal speech in the play. The style of the speech is very emotive and personal and the structure of the speech is in the form of a poem, the epilogue becomes a suitable ending to the play because of the unexpected gentle ending. The speech can be broken down and the main message coming from the speech is Prospero asking for forgiveness and freedom. ...read more.


Also the ending does not give a full understanding of the play. Other reasons include the ending being unimaginative or not magical but being simple and boring, and it gives an unfair view of Shakespeare's plays as many other plays end with eventful and exciting events. During the essay I have answered the question of how effective the ending of The Tempest is, I have done this by analysing in detail why the ending is unexpected, the significance of the ending, looking at the final speech, the meaning of the and the effectiveness of the ending. I have also looked at the main themes in the play such as forgiveness, revenge and freedom. During the essay I analysed the final speech in detail looking at the meaning and the aim of the speech. The end of the play has one unknown factor, which is what happens to the characters in the future especially Prospero showing an open ending. But there is a closed ending with relation to Shakespeare, because in the final speech he says his final goodbyes. I believe the ending of play was very effective because of the impact it had on the audience, the unexpected ending causes a shock to the audience increasing the power of the ending. Hitesh Kothari 11A 1 ...read more.

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