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How effective is the ending to "an Inspector Calls"?

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Modern drama Coursework How effective is the ending to "an Inspector Calls"? The play inspector calls is structured in three plays. It is known as "a well made" play. The events take place in "real" time one evening. The audience and the characters learn the same events at the same time In the play the family is over for a celebration for Gerald and Shelia 's (daughter of Mr. Birling) engagement, however as they are enjoying themselves they hear a knock at the door there is an inspector who is going to ask questions to the family. The people at the house are Mr. Arthur Birling and Ms Sybil Birling, which are parents to Eric and Shelia. Shelia is engaged with Gerald Croft. The play was written in 1945 but set in 1912 this means the audience already have an awareness of the events that took place-. For example, when Mr. Birling talks about the war and the titanic sinking. The play was written by J.B. Priestley. Priestley was concerned with the way human beings had been shown to behave during WW1 and WW2, that we didn't learn our lessons and that with the creation of the welfare state there was the chance for us to create a better society, one in which all people took responsibility for each other. ...read more.


This is telling to put through that if the changes were not met then it would lead to more death. This last speech is what the writer JB Priestly is trying to put through his idea which was people should be making a change or it will end up with another war were millions will die. Priestly wants many people to be taught their lessons. The response of the characters after the inspector left was awaked for each character. Many of them were quite surprised that the inspector knew everything with the characters and their relationship with the girl who committed suicide. On page 65 Sheila "Eric absolutely right... You just beginning to pretend all over again." This shows that she learnt that it's was wrong for what she done to the girl. She also says on page 66 "Well he inspected us all right and don't lets start dodging and pretending now." This show that once again Sheila has over come her problem and feels that they should think about what they have caused. . Page 60 Mrs. Birlings "I told him quite plainly that I had done no more that more duty." this shows Mrs. Birling as a person who believes she had nothing to do with the problem and also believes there's nothing to learn here. ...read more.


Another example of the use of a cliff-hanger is at the end of Act One when Gerald admits to Sheila that he had an affair with Eva Smith. The Inspector then enters and simply says "Well?" this hooks the audience, as they want to find out what happens next in the play, keeping them on the edge of their seats. Priestley wrote the play with the intention that the audience should leave the theatre thinking about their own actions as well as about what they have just seen. I think that Priestly has achieved because he has made many people think of being taught lessons and how some people may react with problems. This is essentially a mystery with a strong social message and has no bad thing for that. An Inspector Calls is a clear taste of the climate of social responsibility and confidence reflection of the period at the end of WW2, when this thriller was written The ending leaves the audience on a cliff-hanger. In Act 3 the Birlings believed themselves to be off the hook when it is discovered that the Inspector wasn't real and that no girl had died in the infirmary. This releases some of the tension - but the final telephone call, announcing that a real inspector is on his way to ask questions about the suicide of a young girl, suddenly restores the tension very dramatically. It is an unexpected final twist. ?? ?? ?? ?? Modern drama Coursework Sheelan Bayezidi 10R ...read more.

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