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How effective is the first chapter of lord of the flies?

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Lord of the flies How effective is the first chapter of lord of the flies? The first chapter of the L.O.T.F was very effective. It's written after the Second World War but it talks about the first world, when the children from the city are flown to a hiding place, so they don't get killed in the war. But the plane crashes in an island and the adults are all dead. This part makes the story effective because there's suspense in it and excitement. There are no adults and no one knows where they are. They are stranded in an unknown island which makes this part of the story effective. The story starts with the "fair boy" getting out the crashed plane and stepping into the "scar". The scar is made when the plane crashed into the island. ...read more.


He says the best way to kill a pig is "you cut a pigs throat to let the blood out" so this shows his dark side. Ten there's the twins "Sam" and "Eric", they act the same, do the same and you can't tell them apart. Then there's "Maurice" who's always smiling and is always a happy character. Then threes other boys where we don't know much about except their names "Roger", "Bill", "Robert", "Harold" and "Simon", "Henry" and a boy with the birthmark. The symbolisms that are used in this novel are "piggy" he's using this word to get the meaning across of the fact that he's fat and ugly, which interests readers and makes the chapter effective. Then there's piggy wearing glasses which shows symbol of intelligence. The conch with Ralph shows the symbolism of the world of democracy and how they are using the conch to show symbolism of democracy. ...read more.


The uses of language in lord of the flies have a meaning behind each sentence. It's structured well and you have to analyse each words to find out what the significance is behind the sentences. "them fruit" showing the bad english of piggy. "We can use this to call the others" and this is saying this is the first attempt at order. There is lots of imagery in the novel. It describes the person's character and looks. Jack is an obstinate character and we can imagine him being blood lust as he wants to kill a pig. Then there's piggy who we can imagine being intelligent fat and detested person. To my judgment chapter one is very effective because as a reade4r I loved how the sentence started and how it gradually built up interestingly and it was so effective it made you want to read more and more. As the chapters go I am sure the novel will be interesting. ...read more.

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