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How effectively do "A Poison Tree" and "Valentine" explore a feeling of strong emotion?

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How effectively do "A Poison Tree" and "Valentine" explore a feeling of strong emotion? The subject matter of the first poem, "A Poison Tree", is all about wrath, and how it can grow if an escape route is not found for the anger. Although both of the selected poems are about emotion, "Valentine" is about love and not wrath. Both poems look at the reality of an emotion and "Valentine" shows us what love really means. Both poems take a general view on a certain emotion and therefore they could apply to anyone. Both poems have a certain arrangement that sums us both of them immediately. "A Poison Tree" takes the form of quatrains to show that each that each of the verses are of equal importance. Each verse has the same number of lines, which reinforces the point the poet is trying to make. This shows us that the anger is growing steadily. ...read more.


and "shrink" (19) are very unromantic and negative, which may lead us to believe that the speaker does not have a happy relationship with her lover. The last verse is very negative. The word "shrink" (19) is used in the line "its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring" (19) which suggests that getting married is not always a good thing. Another example is "lethal" (21). This is a dangerous word which shows love can be dangerous. The poem ends with an object that can cause pain showing the poet is unromantic, "its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife" (22-23). An onion can also be used as to compare the length of the rlationship. An onion will go rotten quickly and this may be suggesting that the relationship would be short. As "A Poison Tree" uses a lot of monosyllables, the poem makes anger seem simple and easy to control but in fact it is quite the opposite. ...read more.


Another reason why I didn't like 'A Poison Tree' is because I found the archaic language used very hard to relate to. William Blake wrote many poems through his lifetime, a few of them being 'The Sick Rose', 'Never seek to tell thy love' and 'The garden of love'. Blake lived in the time of the Romantics. Yet, despite its name, the Romantic period was not all about love but it was a time of freedom and expression as during the Classical period, many musicians and writers were confined to write what they were told to but the Romantic period saw all this changing. Romantics were interested in nature, but Blake uses natural imagery to show his fascination with the nature of man. Carol Ann Duffy however is still alive and has written other poems including 'War Photographer', 'Stealing' and 'In Mrs. Tilschers Class'. Duffy's poems reflect her isolation through life and what she writes highlights her real experiences. Duffy is a 'feminist poet' and her poems greatly reflect British society. Laura-Jayne Barker 11C ...read more.

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