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How effectively does Baz Lurhmann present the text of Romeo and Juliet paying particular attention to Act 1 Scene 1?

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How effectively does Baz Lurhmann present the Text of Romeo and Juliet paying particular Attention to Act 1 Scene 1? The film Romeo and Juliet was directed by Baz Lurhmann and was made in 1997. It was set in Mexico, the producer wanted to set the film in Miami because the Americans think of it as I land far away, so it was an ideal location if the film was going to The film Romeo and Juliet was directed by Baz Lurhmann and was made in 1997. It was set in Mexico, the producer wanted to set the film in Miami because the Americans think of it as a land far away, so it was an ideal location if the film was going to be big in America. For some reason they couldn't set the film in Miami so they set the film in Mexico. The reason they chose Mexico is because it looks similar to Miami so it was the near perfect location. The main actor was Leonardo Decaprio. They chose him because he was very well known at the time and was a real heartthrob at the time. Having a famous actor in the film would help to make the film big in America. The main actress is a Clair dames who plays Juliet, they chose her because she looks like somebody the audience knows and somebody who the audience would warms to. ...read more.


The weather also helps the scene more dramatic by backing the mood so there is twice the amount of dramatics. For example when Mercutio gets stabbed the weather changes from sunny to rain symbolizing dark, gray surroundings. Romeo has refused to fight Tybalt because Romeo is part of the family, but Tybalt thinks it is because Romeo is scared of fighting him. The audience would easily be able to tell that was the case because Tybalt has no sympathy for Romeo so the audience would no that Tybalt has no idea that Romeo is part of the family. Mercutio tries to be brave when Tybalt stabs him but the audience can tell that Mercutio is in pain by the expressions on his face and knows he is going to die. Mercutio's death was sad because he was a middleman between the two families, and that no good comes with fighting and the person who gets hurt is always the person who has done nothing. Mercutio says ' a plague on both your houses', this is suggesting that he is cursing both the families and blaming them for his death. The stage signifies that Shakespeare wrote this play and shows that the director makes it as true and unchanged as possible. A decaying stage may also signify a decaying society. When the music and weather change with the mood, this is called sympathetic fallacy. ...read more.


When Juliet kills herself the echo is really loud this emphasizes the drama of the scene, and ends with them lying there together in peace and pureness around them. I did like this film in a lot of ways. I thought the director chose the actors well, because using Leonardo Decaprio really promoted the film, and using Clair Dames, you really warm to her as she is a plain actress and seems so young and real. I thought Baz Lurhmann chose the location well because this is where, I think Shakespeare would of set it if he was alive today as it looked exciting and attention grabbing. I also like the way he used the music because it made the scenes more dramatic and powerful in some cases. He also used the weather to the same effect. The music that he uses comes from the sound track so it is people who are singing not just the music that adds to the effect. I liked the way he used candles to signify pureness and the stage to show the origin of the play. The only thing I didn't like was that some parts of the film where unrealistic, for example when Tybalt tipped over the car he got out and he wasn't even hurt but I understand that when Romeo shot him it would've as realistic and as dramatic if Tybalt was nearly dead. Overall I thought it was well planned out and a very good film. Rebecca Coates ...read more.

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