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How effectively has the play text of Dracula been transformed into media texts?

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How effectively has the play text of Dracula been transformed into media texts? In this essay I aim to discuss how effectively has the play text of Dracula been transformed into the media text. In both texts the theme good and evil is used. The crucifix was used to ward of evil and god became the pure symbol. In both play text and media text there was a contrast of good and evil between the two characters Dracula and Mina Murray. Dracula is represented as evil in both play text and media, but in media they show this more by the lighting of the character and the camera angles. In the movie Dracula by Bram Stoker, Mina is represented as a good symbol and in Van Helsing he is. ...read more.


An example would be Dracula; you can see that he wears a long dull black coat in Van Helsing with a dull black t-shirt inside this can represent evil. Whereas in Dracula by Bram Stoker has Dracula wearing a bright red robe this could mean the sign of warning, danger, alert. The colour red is used in both films to show the meaning of danger, warning and anger. In the film Dracula, Jonathan Harker is in the train on his way to Dracula's castle and he sees Mina...through a red light he then sees the eye of a peacock feather on the other side of this peacock feather is Dracula. This symbol shows the evil eye of Dracula. ...read more.


The gothic architecture would be used to add to the eeriness of the setting. In the film Van Helsing a lot of gothic architecture is used, especially when Dracula's castle is in the scene or when they are in a village. Camera angles are a major importance in media text, although not shown in play text. Camera angles would set the scene, they would give you the feeling you are there, and they make you feel either bigger or smaller than the character or setting. For example, in the film Dracula there is a scene when cameras are on Renfield. They show that he is in a cramped position by having the camera angle further away from him and closer to the ground. This gives the image he is not happy. Lighting also is another major impotency in the media text. Lighting has to be used efficiently to get ...read more.

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