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How far are "LOTF" and "RC" similar texts and does social and historical context affect each novel in a similar way?

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How far are "LOTF" and "RC" similar texts and does social and historical context affect each novel in a similar way? In this essay I will be comparing two texts. One pre-twentieth century and one modern text. The books I have chosen for this are "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe (pre-twentieth) and "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding (modern text). The reason why I chose to compare these two texts is because they are very similar. They share many features mainly that they are both castaway narratives. Throughout my essay I will be looking at several things which show how the books are similar and where they are different. These are; setting, plot, behaviour/motivation of characters, and the narrative style. These two texts share one main factor and that is theme. The different themes that both texts contain are to do with Social status and leadership, Damage and destruction, Nature, society and Hope. I will analyse how these elements are dealt with in terms of each text's social and historical context. Both books have a similar plot which basically a civilised person has to survive in tough conditions and being stranded on an island. ...read more.


"I walk'd about the shore almost all day to find out a place to fix my habitation, greatly concern'd to secure my self from an attack in the night, either from wild beasts or men...I fix'd upon a proper place under a rock..." This shows that Robinson Crusoe knows exactly what to do, where and how to do it implying that he will find it easier to survive in such bad conditions. Throughout "Robinson Crusoe" Robinson Crusoe encounters many struggles these have to adapt to a new way of life and learning how to survive. There is a difference between Robinson Crusoe and the Children from "Lord of the Flies" these are that Robinson Crusoe, due to him being a man and although having to hunt and to survive like a savage, keeps a stable mental condition, a couple of quotes to show this are, "Having now brought my mind a little to relish my condition" "I began apply my self to accommodate my way of living, and to make things as easy to me as I could" This shows that he learnt how to adapt easily and didn't let the fact that he was against nature bother him. ...read more.


I think that Golding was trying to get a message across to people to say stop fighting; the world should be in peace and people should remember that rules are made for a reason. When "Robinson Crusoe" was written in 1719 the author, Daniel Defoe had experienced many things and had a very wide variety of careers of great complexity. He was also captured by Algerian Pirates and took part in Monmouth's Rebellion. He dealt in ship-insurance, wool; oysters, linen and he became a secret agent, a political pamphleteer and was several times arrested. So when writing "Robinson Crusoe" and many other great novels he had a great deal to write about. Both of these authors had experienced different things so they had different ideas in how or what it would be like to survive on a desert island. The different ideas that William Golding had were that he thought peace, law and order were in desperate need at the time of World War 2 and when "Lord of the Flies" was written. On the other hand Daniel Defoe felt that the world was in chaos, that survival was hard and that you always had to watch your back. Danny Raggatt 11E2 ...read more.

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