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How far can Eddie Carbone be seen responsible for his own downfall?

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How far can Eddie Carbone be seen responsible for his own downfall? Eddie Carbone is one of the main characters in Arthur Millers 'A View From A Bridge'. Within the production Eddie is seen as from a warm loving man into an over-protective uncle, jealous over his Nieces own love for an immigrant known as Rodolfo, thus turning into a love triangle and leading to the death of himself. Was this his own fault or was it due to the actions of someone else? Eddie Carbone's Tragic Hero Qualities: Within the play 'A View From The Bridge' Eddie Carbone after being killed can be related as being a 'tragic hero'. At the beginning this can be seen in the way he cares for his niece as if she was his own love, when trying to prevent her from taking a job with a big plumbing company he uses quotes such as "What job? ...read more.


In doing so this rages Eddie and without thinking calls upon the immigration office to take the family, who is spending there stay at his own home, away. Because of this Marco, one of the other immigrants, gets into a scuffle with Eddie resulting in Marco turning Eddies own knife upon him and killing him. This could be one of the first reasons relating Eddie to a tragic hero as he died for what he believed in. Before all of this Beatrice his wife explains to him what he had done and what could happen to the Sicilians, heroically Eddie tries to throw the lead off the immigrants and although failing to turn the tide back, this is seen as one of the more nice things he did. ...read more.


After seeming to try to show off to Catherine. As the play goes on Eddie become more and more agitated resulting in the immigration offices coming, due to the fault of Eddie being to over-protective or in love with Catherine. This seems to be his own fatal flaw, and shows how really domineering Eddie is, not only bossing Beatrice around but also Cathy and her love. Eddies relationship with Catherine: A very stereotypical man he is, Eddie because of judging Rodolfo on his ways of life is hated by Catherine. There attitude towards one another can be seen at the start as Eddie refuses to agree with the fact that she has nearly agreed to a job as a secretary which Eddie sees as "unfit for a women" and "below her standards"/. ...read more.

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