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How far does Desdemona contribute to her own downfall

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How far does Desdemona contribute to her own downfall? Well I think that Desdemona doesn't contribute that much to her downfall. Desdemona does a lot of harmless stuff that might off help to her downfall but I think the stuff she does, you wouldn't realise in a normal day but iago poisons Othello mind to think that Desdemona has done something wrong, so Othello is on Desdemona back all the time so that Othello can get proof about what Iago said about Desdemona. Desdemona tells Othello a lot of white lies to get her self out of trouble but I don't think anyone would actually realise or care but Iago makes Othello think that way, so it becomes a big issue. ...read more.


(Act 3 scene 3) Desdemona couldn't help her death because she knew nothing about it, Desdemona was a victim from the very beginning of the play. Desdemona lied about the handkerchief because Othello was being a bully and putting Desdemona under immense pressure about the handkerchief she said anything to get Othello of her back. Othello made Desdemona lie about the handkerchief so I don't think u can blame Desdemona, but Desdemona thinks she knows were the handkerchief is because she doesn't know its been stolen she thinks its in the room. "It is not lost; but what am I if it here," (Act 3 Scene 4) But in the play Othello did not once ask Desdemona if she has been unfaithful to him, he just tells her what Iago`s told him. ...read more.


Its like breathing we are born to know how to breath its the same with Desdemona and flirting she is born to flirt. you cant kill someone for flirting because if u did their would be no women left on the planet. "I thank you, Valiant Cassio. What tidings can you tell me of my lord," (Act 2 Scene 3) That quote seems harmless but if you see what Desdemona calls Cassio then Othello, its VALIANT Cassio and a simple my lord to Othello and that's her husband. Overall I think that Desdemona is an victim that got caught up in a personal war between Othello and Iago. Iago laid down the poison and like a rat Othello walked straight into the trap. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Campion Othello Course Work -1- ...read more.

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