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How far has equality gone?

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How far has equality gone? In the 21st century, society seems to have reached what is most likely it's most lenient and most liberal stage so far. It has been faced with new standards and lifestyles that would have been considered unthinkable and absurd years before. And it has accepted them all mostly within its stride. But the debates and outcries of injustice seem far from over. One of these topics is the infamous, almost incessant protests for gender equality. When it comes to discussing society's actions concerning this issue, the nation's views are clearly at odds. Some believe that equality progressed and moved on with us into the 21st century, others believe we never achieved it and that we are still, in fact, living by the ideals and restrictions of the Victorian era. Take for example, the roles of men and women in the workplace; it is true on one hand, that the number of women working has increased and continues to do so. ...read more.


The choice is always there. However, we cannot disregard the fact that there is undoubtedly still some discrimination targeted at women, by society. The All England Club recently announced that the men's Wimbledon champion would receive $1.170 million and the women's winner $1.117 million! This begs the question- just how far can law go against preventing prejudice? Venus Williams, the defending champion and three-time winner said to BBC Radio, before Wimbledon's announcement, that 'the women simply want to be treated equally' and that 'at Wimbledon we would like to have equal prize money to prove that we are equal on all fronts.' So, we know that women still have to prove themselves, over and over again, to be as competent as men. Even religion seems to be against the equality of women. After all can you name a woman Pope? Or woman head of religion? Authority figures in institutionalized religions are mostly men. There is no denying however, that civilization has come a long way in comparism to the days where women were at the very bottom of the earning ladder, not allowed to own properties, not allowed to vote and not allowed to even pursue a career. ...read more.


Possible evidence for this might be the fact that women are given extra marks in civil service exams for being women. If women truly want equality in every sense of the word, why have they not protested against this also? If men treat women differently because that's what they do themselves, can it be really classed as prejudiced? I've heard more women call women whores and other female ridiculing insults, than I have men. And in nearly every single poll conducted in the US, an astonishing 80% of females said they would not vote for a female president. If they won't do it why should men? It almost seems as if women believe that their equality can be judged in their ability to perform in masculine spheres of activity that involve imitating men, yet want to be given the special treatment that being a woman brings. Hopefully as civilization steps into the future and into the coming decade, situations will change to suit and please both sexes. Though it may take nothing less than the second coming of Christ to do so! ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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