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How good and evil is presented in Dr jeykle and mr Hyde

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English coursework: How does Stevenson represent good and evil in the novel Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The novel Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by a man named Robert Lois Stevenson. The novel was first published in the 19th century and is set in Victorian London. One of the main genres in the novel is gothic horror however there are other genres that feature in the novel, such as crime/detective and science fiction. The main theme of doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the duality of human nature. Duality means having two different sides. This means that something acts in two opposite ways for example good and evil. Duality can also be linked to a struggle between our good side and our evil side. This is represented in the novel by two characters Jekyll who symbolises good and Hyde who symbolises evil. Stevenson was brought up and lived in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Stevenson lived in had two very different sides. One side was called new town this was the respectable, conventional and deeply religious part of Edinburgh. On the other hand there was the much less Christian side to Edinburgh which had brothels, gambling and violence. As well as there being two different sides to Edinburgh also had dual sides to his personality. Stevenson preferred the less Christian side to Edinburgh so he would leave the respectable art of Edinburgh to indulge in gambling and alcohol. Stevenson began to think about the duality in Edinburgh this then made him think of the duality of human nature. ...read more.


"Well made. This quote shows us that Jekyll is a respectable and well made man. All of theses quotes link to physiognomy because they use Jekyll physical appearance to judge whether he is a good/bad person. In the novel Jekyll and Hyde good and evil is represented through duality. I know this because Jekyll writes "The man is not truly one but truly two". This quote is very effective because it gives the answers to some questions the reader may want to ask. Good and evil is also represents through Darwinism. Darwin's theory is that human evolves from apes. In the novel Jekyll and Hyde it says "the animal within me". This quote shows us that Jekyll evil side (Hyde) is the animal within him. "So recently chained down began to growl for license". This quote shows us that Jekyll does not want his evil side to be free so he chains it down. However Jekyll is finding it difficult to control his evil side. The more he tries to control it the angrier and stronger it becomes as it begins to "growl fore license". This relates to Darwinism because animals are chained down and growl. This quote also shows us how people treat their evil side. This is because like Jekyll people do not want their evil side to be free, so they struggle to keep control of their evil sides. Stevenson also uses similes to represent evil. I know this because in the novel Jekyll and Hyde it says "Ape like fury". ...read more.


This is because we do not judge people on their physical appearance as much. However there is still racism which can be linked to physiognomy. I think duality in some level has changes. This because many people believe that it is your choice of you want to be good/evil. However there is still a struggle between good and evil and many people try to hide their evil side. Horror as a genre has also changed. This is because there is more level of violence nowadays that in Victorian London. This is because we have become desensitised to violence. This means that it takes a lot more to scare us. This means that books, TV shows and movies have to be more graphic and horrific. Duality in books, TV shows and movies are very common and also we see a lot of good vs. evil. There are many different examples of this in the 21 century including Spiderman, Heroes, and Superman. I think that the description of setting it the same. This is because in the average horror description is dark, storm, abandoned etc and that has not changed. I think the moral to the novel Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is never give into your evil side. This because the novel gives detailed descriptions of exactly what happened to Jekyll when he gave into evil. It shows how he became addicted to evil. The novel also says that we should always keep control of our evil side. I also think we should not take silly risks when it comes to our lives. English course work on Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By Muna Aden ...read more.

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