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How have emotional voices in Romeo and Juliet and The Laboratory been effectively created by the writers?

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How have emotional voices in ?Romeo and Juliet? and ?The Laboratory? been effectively created by the writers? William Shakespeare uses creative linguistic devices and incorporates many relevant themes into his writing. Romeo and Juliet being one of Shakespeare?s most credited plays, uses the themes of love, hatred, conflict and anger. Shakespeare successfully portrays strong emotions in his play by the use of these themes and different poetic devices. Similarly Robert Browning conveys strong feeling such as hatred, betrayal and love in his poem ?The Laboratory. In this essay I will be exploring and explaining the emotional voices that are expressed throughout both texts. Love is one of the strongest emotions expressed in the play. Shakespeare first used light and dark imagery during the Capulet ball when Romeo meets Juliet for the first time. He describes her as a ?snowy dove trooping with the crows?. The word ?dove? suggests she is both beautiful and a figure of peace. Shakespeare represents strong feeling of love and how it is effectively presented through this quote. This is ironic because her family are the Montague?s enemy and the conflict before peace arrives between the two families. ...read more.


Romeo also refers to Juliet as a shrine that should be worshipped by his pilgrims or lips. 'The holy shrine, the gentle sin is this, my lips two blushing pilgrims really stand'. So Shakespeare uses religious imagery to portray love. In contrast, Robert Browning uses religion to portray revenge. ?To pray god in, I am here?. This shows irony as the persona has murderous consent, and she does not take religion seriously as she is planning to kill. Alliteration is often used throughout ?The Laboratory? and continues to vigour the language. It often helps to suggest the fierce, cold-hearted personality of the jealous women. The words ?moisten and mash up thy paste?/ ?pound at thy powder ? I am not in haste? informs us how the persona is eager and impatient as she is giving commands to the apothecary, this alliteration adds emphasise to the imperative statement. The use of rhyming quickens the pace of the poem, adding to the woman's increasing excitement as the apothecary grinds up the mixture. The alliteration ?Brand, burn up, bite? helps us understand the speaker?s emotions as it makes the tone angry and bitter. ...read more.


It could also show that she feels lonely and isolated. Whereas in ?Romeo and Juliet? we can see that Romeo and Juliet are selfless in the case of love. Juliet displays fearlessness when reluctant to live without Romeo she kills herself. Similarly Romeo also takes the poison; this displays maturity and his persistent commitment to Juliet. They love each other so much that they take their own lives, because they cannot live without each other. 870 I think Romeo and Juliet displays a wonderful use of emotion, it allows the audience into their world, Shakespeare lets them laugh, cry and have suspense throughout the entire play. Likewise Robert Browning, the writer of The Laboratory is successful because he shows the persona?s emotions clearly and uses themes in a blatant and obvious way, helping the reader to understand the character and her feelings of jealousy and hatred. Emotions are prominent throughout both texts. It plays a vital role in displaying the characters' interactions with each other. Emotions have been depicted by various poetic devices such as imagery, alliteration etc. to emphasize it. ...read more.

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