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How have the values of the boys changed by Chapter 10?

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How have the values of the boys changed by Chapter 10? In chapter 10 there is a shift of values form a democracy to a dictatorship. Following Jack's rebellion most of the boys have left camp and joined forces with Jack, now known as 'The Chief', at Castle Rock. Since they first landed on the island as innocent school children a lot has changed, as many of the values which they once held are disregarded on account of them being stranded on the island. When Jack first arrived on the island he was the eldest and naturally assumed that it was his destiny to be in charge. As head choir boy, Jack has been set aside from the rest, "golden cap badge" and it is obvious that back home he was very important and was given the authority in terms of the choir. ...read more.


Jack was at first in agreement with the request for democracy but this was only because he was convinced that he would win the vote. When he realises that he has in fact lost out to Ralph he "blush[es] with mortification". He is not sure whether to stay or go when he is offered charge of the Hunters. By taking over the hunters Jack tries to gain favour with the boys because he thinks that the boys will become dependent on him. However the longing for rescue and the fact that the tool for rescue is Ralph's brainchild means that Ralph continued to have the upper hand on Jack. Despite this Jack still tries his best to prove himself to the boys. For example, at first like many of the boys on the island Jack is unable to kill however now, behind the mask, he kills to show his power and control over the lives of others. ...read more.


Despite this Roger still feels restricted by "parents and school and policemen and the law"-the adults who make the rules and make sure they are followed. However before long, Roger and most of the other boys lose their respect for values and morals, and violence, torture, and murder break out as the savagery becomes the distinctive sway in the group At first Ralph is esteemed and supports all the boys on the island due to the way that he has kept a level head despite being on tropical island. His strong-willed nature means that when others break down he is still solid. However with talks of beasts and mutiny Ralph becomes disgruntled and begins to think of home a lot. Towards the end of the book despite having the symbol of democracy, the conch he feels that that this is useless against Jack's oppressive regime. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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