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How I tried to forget the horrors I had witnessed.

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Creative writing How I tried to forget the horrors I had witnessed every day I tried to forget but they were imprinted in my memory a scar on my mind. I had witnessed hundreds of cases the, torture of Juan Laretta was one of the most important but not the most horrific no that was the torture of a street urchin whose name I will never forget his name was Hugo Benaditti. I don't know why this case has been stuck in my memory maybe it was the mindless violence or the boys age he was no older than 17. However it was defiantly his torture that made me decide to leave the junta and there cold blooded and mindless violence Every detail of Hugo Benadittis torture is branded into my memory. ...read more.


I had often thought that these men were the inspiration of Juan Larettas song that began "do not feel sorry for the torture he is happy in his work". Once I had delivered Hugo to his fate I was told to watch from behind the glass window on one side of the room. I had a perfect view and then it began. He was on the ground before I was behind the glass and the rat that was the violence side of the two tortures, fox being the interrogation, began too kick the boy. It was obvious he was saying all the wrong things. ...read more.


When I got back the torture room I lied I said there was no information on that school. That's when I knew I had to get away I left that night kept telling my self to "just go tell no one its safer that way" but something drew me to Hugo's cell. I unlocked the cell door and went inside but no one was there he was dead in one of the trucks to be shipped out of the way. So I left Chile and never spoke about my time with the junta until this day. How I tried to forget the horrors I had witnessed. ...read more.

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