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How I will present the character of Macbeth

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How I will present the character of MacBeth. My first impressions of MacBeth are positive. He is loyal to his king and he serves his country well. He is a fantastic warrior and he played a big part along with Banquo in helping the scottish army win against MacDonald and the norwegians. This is proven when the captain says, "But all's too weak for brave MacBeth." This obviously shows MacBeth as positive because he is presented by the captain as heroic, brave and strong. MacBeth continues to be a positive person and a good person for his country and king still. It is also shown that he still continues to be a good person when he even gets a compliment from the king himself. The king told MacBeth, "O Valiant cousin! ...read more.


He is influenced because the witches tell him his current title, This intrigues MacBeth as to how the witches even knew this information, he would continue to listen and he would hear his new title which he doesn't know of yet and then he is told he would become king. Macbeth would not of actually been thinking about becoming king until he has realised the 2nd prophecy has come true. When MacBeth realises that the second prophecy is true you can clrealy see the seeds of evil which have been planted in him. This is shown when MacBeth talks using the witches language by saying,"So foul and fair a day I have not seen." ...read more.


MacBeth also knows he is evil himself and is not in denial, he is not what he used to be. It is show he knows he is evil when he says, "Stars hide your fires, let light not see my black deep desires." This Shows that Macbeth is trying to hide in the darkness. this is literal and metaphoric. He doesn't want his emotions to show. The stars will only illuminate what he feels and he doesn't want his "black and deep desires" to be known or his "desires" will be known. He is intrigued by the witches predictions, he wants to be king. He is excited by the prediction yet he must not let it show,especially to Banquo who is such a moral and upright man. ...read more.

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