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How I would direct the actress-playing lady Macbeth in a film.

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English Literature coursework In this essay I will be writing about how I would direct the actress-playing lady Macbeth in a film. I will be directing Act 2 Scene 2, the scene where Macbeth comes back from the murder and Act 5 Scene 1 where Lady Macbeth loses her mind and starts sleepwalking I will bring out some of the concerns of Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth was scared of the supernatural; in Shakespeare's era not much was known about this. The king was also thought of as a very powerful person and had to be shown in a good way as it was written for King James I. The theme of assassinating the king was a hot topic at this time, women were seen as weak and it would have been very strange to see Lady Macbeth having control of the audience, whereas a modern audience might interpret her behaviour differently. It is quite normal to see a woman having equal power and roles as the man nowadays. Before Act 2 Scene 2 the audience already know a lot about Lady Macbeth. They know she controls and dominates Macbeth, one example from her commanding language is "Leave all the rest to me" (Act 1, Scene 5, Line 72). The Elizabethan audience would be very shocked about this because men were known as the dominant half. The modern audience still maybe shocked by this but not as much as the Elizabethan audience. ...read more.


Macbeth connect blood with guilt "Smear their faces... so it seems their guilt" this line is very ironic because she is the one that ends up going mad and killing herself. The fact that Lady Macbeth tries to wash away the blood shows her trying to suppress her guilt. Lady macbeth uses euphemisms, she uses words like "deeds" and never refers to the word murder directly, showing she can't even face up to what she's involved with. This foreshadows her later breakdown. Macbeth shows the fear they had of hell and violating the natural order. In Elizabethan times they believed God was the most powerful and then the King. If this natural order was broken they feared they would go to hell, this is why Macbeth never wanted to murder the King. When Lady Macbeth says, "These deeds must not be thought of" I would want her to hold Macbeth's face in her palms and force him to look into her eyes to get him to focus on her words instead of the blood. This shows she really believes what she is doing is the right think and shows this to Macbeth. When they hear knocking on the door it changes the whole feel of the scene and creates tension. At this point I will make it silent so the door knocking stands out above the other noises. When Lady Macbeth hears the knocking I want her to get even more fidgety and nervous than she already is. ...read more.


The actress will need to show her guilt I would want her to do this by repeating and going through what happened on the night of the murder again and again as if she was trying to justify her actions. To convince Lady Macbeth actually has gone insane I will make her hurt herself with the candle and try to burn the spots of blood off of her. This will definitely shock the audience. This will change the views that the audience have about Lady Macbeth. They will finally believe she has gone insane and she isn't' as strong as she tried to be in the earlier scenes. At the end of the scene I would like the audience to be left thinking if she had taken the murder how Macbeth did she wouldn't have gone mental. At the end of the play I want the audience to pity Lady Macbeth, having witnessed her gradual descent into insanity and seeing her broken spirit. It is traditional in tragedies to see the downfall and death of a good person. The theme of assassinating the king was a hot topic at the time. Considering the play was written for James I Shakespeare had to keep him happy by making sure justice was done. Lady Macbeth deserved what she got for betraying the natural order. The audience at the time would have been outraged if those responsible for killing the King had got away with it. In the end order was restored and those responsible were dead. Ben Grinsted ...read more.

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