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How important are Dreams in the novel “Of Mice Of Men”

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How important are Dreams in the novel "Of Mice Of Men" In the novel 'Of Mice Of Men' there are many themes which set aside the characters from others, however all of them have one thing in common-they all have dreams. Lennie and George share a dream of owning there own land and later on Candy wants to join them. This shows that everyone in the novel needs dreams to keep them going through life. This shows that the title question applies greatly because dreams keep the novel moving along and make the novel interesting. Everyone has needs but everyone also has wants. All the themes in 'of mice of men' contribute towards everyone's loneliness and then making everyone dependent on dreams. The novel is set in the time of the depression in 1930s America so there is much loneliness which makes people think of dreams. Because of the depression there weren't many jobs around so there were a lot of migrant workers. These workers travelled all over America to find jobs. Because they travelled a lot they were not able to make any friends, which would make them lonely. This would cause them to have dreams and to constantly think about them whenever they're lonely. Because depression is around poverty is also present. Dreams always come up in conversations, especially Lennie's conversations. Lennie is the one who brings up the subject all the time, 'An live off the fatta the lan.' ...read more.


Lennie does say that he can go away onto the mountains, but George doesn't want to hurt his feelings or make him feel pain in any way. He also feels that he wouldn't be able take care of himself in the mountains. Lennie is very dependent on George for things and George also depends on Lennie for companionship. Candy has also had a dream of owning a farm where he can be useful again. Candy in very interested in George and Lennie's dream and thinks it can all really work out because they all have each other and they would nearly have enough money to buy a farm because of Candy's extra 350 dollars. "Tell you what - He leaned forward eagerly. 'S'spose I went in with you guys. Tha's three hundred an' fifty bucks I'd put in." George and Lennie are very tempted at this offer because it would mean their dream would finally come true. Candy has to have dreams because he has no one to talk to after Carlson shot his dog, " If you want me to, I'll put the old devil out of his misery right now and get it over with." Candy's dog helped him through life because he was lonely and now that he's dead he needs a dream to look forward to and hope for. That's why he wants to join with Lennie and George. ...read more.


George feels that nothing will ever be achieved with Lennie around because he will always keep you back because of his childlike manners and actions. Dreams are never achieved at the time all of the characters are set in. Nothing is settled in the 1930's as the depression has happened. Any character who seems to have a dream seems to get himself into trouble. The relationship between George and Lennie was perfect for a dream to come true, but if only Lennies simpleness did not mean his strength was uncontrollable. If Curley's wife didn't flirt with Lennie he would have been ok. Lennie got too nervous that's why he ended up killing Curley's wife when she screamed. Dreams are also never achieved because of each of the characters themselves. For example: how Curley acts. If Curley wasn't such a mean person George might not have killed Lennie. Dreams are very important to the plot "Of Mice Of Men." Dreams are what carry people on from their loneliness and there bad times. Dreams are needed for every character who is lonely. When a character in "Of Mice of Men" gets lonely he/she thinks about a dream which they want to come true. With dreams characters can imagine anything they want to and this will keep them happy if nothing else does. Steinbeck is saying that anybody can get lonely and unhappy sometimes but anyone can have dreams to help them through bad times, it just depends on how deeply that lonely person can imagine there dreams. By Rajinder Singh Virk ...read more.

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