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How Important are Fred and Bob to the story of a 'Christmas Carol'?

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Coursework By Thomas Stevenson Have you ever met a man so jolly that you could see "...he was all in a glow..." and so jolly that his euphoric spirit just poured off him like wine into a glass? Or, possibly, you have met a man so poor that his warmth for the winter is a mere flicker of a flame on a candlewick? Dickens demonstrates through the use of such characters that it does not matter how much money you posses, a person can hold a personality and characteristics independent of their financial status. Scrooge's nephew, Fred, is a charismatic young man, who, lives each second as though it were his last. Most importantly, Fred thinks a great deal about Christmas and how it should be celebrated with great caring spirit. Fred asks Scrooge "to dine" with them on Christmas Day, but Scrooge explains he "...would see him in extremity first." This shows the cruel, cold-hearted nature of Mr. ...read more.


Bob, unlike Fred, is the 'Poor Man' and the antithesis of Scrooge in the story. Thus, Dickens created a symbolic character to emulate the Lower classes. He is treated so unbelievably cruelly by Scrooge, yet, he remains a cheerful man who enjoys his Christmas. Without Fred and Bob, the story would not show that money means nothing in terms of happiness. We meet Fred again at his Christmas party, as people put Scrooge down with horrible but vital words to the moral, "His wealth is of no use to him. He don't do any good with it." This action helps us to understand that although Scrooge could give pleasure with the wealth his possesses, he does not and is miserable. Fred helps the reader to understand, by explaining that Scrooge should not be "despised but pitied". Fred quietly explained to us the first time we met him, Scrooge's money does him no good and that "his offences carry their own punishment." ...read more.


This character, like Fred, is caring but makes the reader believe that Scrooge is an awful cold-hearted man and to be so hurtful to such a joyful man is inhumane. That is why at the end of the story we understand that scrooge has changed because he now shows that he can also care for these characters and that by giving others money and caring for his workers, one of the morals of this story is explicated. Such an important personality cannot be missed for many of the morals throughout these staves. The importance of these characters cannot be put on a scale, but I can say that these characters are needed for the story to progress and without them; such significant messages cannot be made. I conclude that, although the names of the characters may not matter, the overall situations and characters of Fred and Bob, are pivotal because they show that it does not matter how much money you have, you can still be happy, honour others and make others happy. Fred and Bob are employed by Charles Dickens to show this in antithesis to Scrooge. ...read more.

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