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How Important Is Act 2, Scene 2 To Rita's Development In Willy Russell's Educating Rita?

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How Important Is Act 2, Scene 2 To Rita's Development In Willy Russell's Educating Rita? Rita lives near Liverpool with little education and works in a hairdresser shop and tries to get the opportunity to have choice by getting an education. During the play Russell shows that the class system is apart of modern society and Rita kind of wants to change classes, from working to middle, she doesn't know how to chose and has little education. Equal opportunities in the way that women are expected to have babies and stay at home all day but in his play Rita breaks away from every one else and gets an education and she shows how hard it can be to get an education. In the play Russell tells you about two people, these are the main characters Frank and Rita. Rita is a working class person who is trapped in life and wants choice, she has little education and a poor job as a hairdresser and during the play she tries to break free from her social class, she thinks she should have had a baby by her age, she wants to discover herself first but no one understands so she thinks she is different, in the play she says "I should have had a baby by know every one expects it". ...read more.


Rita's main reason for trying for an education is so she can have choice, she tells Frank that everyone thinks they have choice but they all think choice is deciding what drink to have or what to wear, Rita also thought this at the very beginning of the play, now Rita knows this is not choice, choice is something that will change her life. Rita is feed up of other people making her choices for her like Denny wanting her to have a baby, "He thinks we have choice already, choice between Everton an Liverpool, choosing which washing powder... I told him id only have a baby when I have choice." Through this Frank is showing that we are trapped without choice, with no choice we can go nowhere, or at least not where we want to, he is showing that we have to make are own choices. As Rita is changing she rows with Denny and breaks up with him, Russell does this to show that Rita is changing, in the play Denny burns Rita's books, he does this because he wants to control her, he wants to get Rita back because he feels she is slipping away and he wants her back, in a way he is jealous ...read more.


she has been taught, Rita also wants to be more like Frank and she thinks her new friend is the female version of Frank, Rita also thinks that she is educated because she is just like Trish (the female version of Frank), she even starts to talk and act like Trish "What's wrong with your voice? Nothing I'm just talking properly... Trish says that no matter how difficult I may find it I must preserve" Because of this Rita thinks that she is singing a new song. When Trish tries to commit suicide Rita realizes that she is not educated, this is because Rita thought that Trish had everything but Trish knew she didn't, Rita also realizes this now. I think that Act Two Scene Two is very important part of the play but yet the whole play is just as important. I think a good part of the book was Frank. Frank used humor. This was because it would make people understand it more and enjoy it; the play goes better as a comedy rather than a drama, people would also understand it more as a comedy and take it in better. I enjoyed the play; I thought that it is better shown on TV than in a book ...read more.

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