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How important is lady Macbeth in acts one and two?

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How important is lady Macbeth in acts one and two? Will Hayler We first see Lady Macbeth in act one scene five and she is reading the letter sent by Macbeth to her. We instantly see a side of evil and hate which was not expected of a woman at that time. We see right from the start the Lady Macbeth is the driving force behind the murder of Duncan. Lady Macbeth thinks that Macbeth is too kind to kill Duncan and that he is " too full o'th milk of human kindness" Lady Macbeth wants to be like a man, for the spirits to take away her womanly kindness and to fill her with evil and hate. This is clear as she makes her speech "unsex me here" speech. Lady Macbeth also wants the spirits to take away her milk from her breast as she says "come to my woman's breast and take my milk for gall", gall meaning poison. ...read more.


Lady Macbeth uses several methods on her husband which makes him change his mind from saying " we will proceed no further in this business" to "I am decided" which means that he changes his mind from saying that he won't kill Duncan to saying that he will Duncan. The period in between that is the bit I will focus on because it shows that Lady Macbeth has extreme manipulation powers that are effective to use on her husband. Lady Macbeth starts the changing of his mind by calling Macbeth a coward. This is ironic because Macbeth is anything but a coward because he has slaughtered many men in the opening battle against the Norwegians. Although Macbeth is not a coward, it reaches him on a mental level and feels like a coward because he can't bring himself to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth blackmails her husband by quoting "such I account thy love" which means she saying, don't you love me enough to do this? Because Macbeth does love her a lot it brings himself to the task. ...read more.


Lady Macbeth as we know is tough so this gives her the confidence to do the deeds that Macbeth is scared to do like after the killing of Duncan where Macbeth is too scared to return the daggers back to the room of Duncan and smear blood on their faces so, Lady Macbeth does it for him. Lady Macbeth is very good at toughening up Macbeth and making him the stronger of the two for example she quotes to him to make him feel ashamed "my hands are of your colour, but I shame to wear a heart so white". This means that feels ashamed to wear a heart of such cowardice, but to Macbeth's ears, if her heart is cowardice then he must be really big a coward. The last time we see Lady Macbeth is in scene 3 of act 2 where she faints to give the thanes, lords etc that her and Macbeth are innocent of the crime and that it was committed by someone else which the others believe to be the kings sons, Malcolm and Donaldbain. ...read more.

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