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How Important is the Elizabethan concept of

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How Important is the Elizabethan concept of "Natural Order" to our appreciation of Macbeth and Henry V. The Elizabethan concept of Natural Order to our appreciation of Macbeth and Henry V was down to the belief that God created everything from man down to plants. He arranged hierarchical principles in the world and he ran the whole system. He controlled the animals and where their place was in the world along with all the other living creatures. Its natural instinct to know the lion was the king of the animal kingdom and the eagle was the king of the birds etc. The nobles sit in their set places according to the hierarchy of the court, at the dinner table and that is how Scotland deals with Natural Order. However, Macbeth wanted to disobey the hierarchical order and wanted to reach heights to which he hadn't been appointed (climb the dining tables ladder) thus not abiding by the rules of God. He cheated his way up the ladder by killing the ranks above him, thus upsetting the Natural Order. But if the rightful King were to be killed and a usurper take his position, the crime would not only be murder but it would be making a direct challenge to God. ...read more.


He spoils his prize by the way in which he seizes it, as he himself realizes: "My way of life is fall'n into the sear, the yellow leaf, And that which should accompany old age, As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have..." In Elizabethan times the people believed that if they had God on their side in battle then they would triumph: " Not today, O Lord, O not today, think not upon the fault my father made in compassing the crown!" In Shakespeare's 'Henry the Fifth' it is vital that Henry has God on his side, as this shows power and leadership. Henry has the Archbishop of Canterbury's support (thus has the church's support). He has paid five hundred people a day to sing twice, for his soul. It's so vital that the King should tell people that God is on his side. That's why he attacked the French Natural Order. As Shakespeare wrote it, the chronicle history of Henry the Fifth is an intensely masculine, simple, sanguine drama of kinghood and war. Henry the Fifth (at twenty-eight) had to prove his worthiness for the sceptre by leading his army into war. ...read more.


instruments of darkness", Macbeth realises this as the play comes to an end: And be these juggling fiends no more believ'd, that palter with us in a double sense..." The witches tell Macbeth the truth and his mind deceives him and this leads to evil. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have both put themselves in very deep ground and the devil has grabbed a hold of both of them. In conclusion, the two Shakespeare plays are all very relevant to the Natural order in England and Denmark, both of the Kings of these two countries have to keep in control of the state and not disobey God's rule. Lady Macbeth is a lot more dominant over Macbeth; this is not the way of hierarchy in the world. In each quote and speech given in the play there is no part that effects the characters and what the audience interpret them as. Finally we must see it as significant that Macbeth is so dominated and ruled by his wife. For in the order of nature man was supposed to be superior to woman and the inversion of the sexes, this governing of the husband by the wife, would be seen by Elizabethans as unnatural and therefore as portending no good. ...read more.

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