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How important is the idea of a dream (ambition, hope of a better future) in

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How important is the idea of a dream (ambition, hope of a better future) in "Of Mice and Men" One of the major themes in 'Of Mice and Men' is 'dreams'. The dreams are hopes for the future that the characters are so obsessed with that they base their lives around them taking place, indulging themselves in them, and craving for them. George is a clever character who spends his time looking after his companions Lennie. George has a dream that he and Lennie shall make some money on the ranch and will then go away and buy a small plot of land, with a house, and farm it. George just wants to lead a quite life with Lennie and be happy and away from people who could get them into trouble. They simply want a place to call their own, "We're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres" (2.16). ...read more.


He is crippled, in constant fear of being canned and only has his dog for company. When Candy's dog is shot by Carlson, Candy says nothing about it except to George later that day. The idea of leading a life that is run by himself with friends for the rest of his few years is a real prospect to him as he has no one and nothing to look forward to .Candy who never believed in those kinds of dreams is now an important part of the circle and is adamant about joining the two of them, he would never have done this if Lennie and George had not turned up as he liked to do things with people not on his own. Curley's wife has a different kind of dream altogether. Instead of a plot of land that she can legally say is her own, she wants fame, fortune and admiration. ...read more.


Crooks wishes that he could be treated as an equal like many other Blacks did, but also he just wants to own a small plot of land and farm it without harassment from Whites and the authorities who are also biased against the Blacks. Crooks is a cripple and is lonely but the reason that he does not base his life around this dream of his is that he has seen far too many men go crazy, "I seen guys nearly crazy with loneliness for land, but ever' time a whore-houseor a black game took what it takes". This is why he is intelligent enough not to think, that if all that he can think about is his dream then it will happen. Dreams in 'Of Mice and Men' are very important as they portray the characters deepest thoughts and what they really feel and we can also see that things like dreams control men in bad times. The 'Great Depression' abruptly ruined many innocent and hard working men's lives; this is how many dreams started up. Jamie Bromfield 28th November ...read more.

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