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How important is the theme of conflict in the play of Romeo and Juliet?

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How important is the theme of conflict in the play of Romeo and Juliet? Conflict is important in all good dramas because it can get the audience involved and build up suspense. The Matrix, The Terminator and Harry Potter all have conflict in them which is why most people agree they are good films. Conflict is one of the most important aspects of Romeo and Juliet because it adds suspense, action, mystery and a good, interesting storyline. The "ancient grudge" makes the audience wonder what will happen next and builds up a sense of mystery; they want to know how the conflict started. There are many types of conflict within the play of Romeo and Juliet. There is verbal conflict and physical conflict which appear in many ways; the conflict between the families, the conflict within the families and the conflict with the Prince of Verona. The prologue tells of an "ancient grudge" between two similar families. This gives us an obvious hint that there is a lot of conflict to come later on in the play. The phrase "ancient grudge" tell us that the conflict has been going on for a long time. ...read more.


I think that Shakespeare wanted the audience to feel that the idea of conflict in Romeo and Juliet is very important. I think he wrote act one, scene one as an example of the two families' conflict and just how significant it is. The conflict that appears in act three, scene five is quite different from the conflict that appears in act one, scene one. The conflict in act three, scene five is between Juliet and her father, Capulet. It differs from the earlier conflict because that was between the families; this conflict is within the family of the Capulets. In act three, scene five, Juliet speaks to Lady Capulet. The words she speaks have almost double meanings. Her mother thinks she is crying over the death of her cousin, Tybalt. But the audience knows she is really crying because she thinks that she will never see Romeo again because he has been banished from Verona for killing Tybalt. Lady Capulet then goes on to tell Juliet that Capulet has arranged for her to marry Paris. Juliet hated the idea of marrying Paris because she loved, and was already married to, Romeo. ...read more.


Juliet would be on the floor whilst Capulet is shouting at her. He would have been holding a whiskey glass, and instead of hitting Juliet he would have thrown the glass at a wall because now days the audience may disapprove of violence against children. This would all be very loud, and Juliet would be very quiet. Lady Capulet would be really stuck-up and not even pretend to care about Juliet, I think that would add the effect of showing that Juliet isn't cared for. Lady Capulet would not be regarded as inferior by anyone, because now day's women are not considered inferior by many people. I think the theme of conflict is the most important aspect of Romeo and Juliet, apart from the theme of love. I think love is slightly more important because most people associate love with the play of Romeo and Juliet, rather than conflict. I think conflict has always appealed to an audience from any age in history because it can be intensified and modernised (like guns instead of swords). I think it will always appeal to most people, and the play of Romeo and Juliet will last forever in many shapes and forms. By Elliot Reed ...read more.

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