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How important is the theme of conflict in the play

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How important is the theme of conflict in the play 'Romeo and Juliet'? In the play 'Romeo and Juliet' conflict is very important because in all good dramas, such as Eastenders and Shrek, there is conflict; no matter how old or new the drama is, there is always conflict in it. Conflict makes the audience interested in what they're watching; it makes them tense and want to know what will happen next. Conflict is very important in 'Romeo and Juliet' with the 'ancient grudge' between the two families. This is the main plot of the play, it is what the play is based around, and if it wasn't for the conflict, the play would be extremely boring. There are many different types of conflict and several of these are found in 'Romeo and Juliet'. These include emotional, social, physical and internal conflict. As part of my coursework I will look at the Prologue, Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 3 Scene 5 to see how important the theme of conflict is in this play. ...read more.


Sampson and Gregory, servants of Capulet, enter and begin to discuss the Montague's. Samson in particular, is very confident and describes what he would like to do to the Montague's. Benvolio enters and tries to stop the fight. He tells 'the fools to part' and they do. Benvolio is a Montague but doesn't want to fight; he wants peace. However, Tybalt then enters, Benvolio wants to keep the peace but Tybalt wants to fight and says, 'I hate the word'. Tybalt really wants a fight but Benvolio is trying to stop him. The Capulet and Montague's desire to get involved in the conflict is very strong. Both families want to fight but Sampson and Gregory are ready to fight and they want to fight more than everybody else. When the Prince enters he gives the warning, 'if they disrupt the streets again then their lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace.' ...read more.


Parents arranged the marriage, the bride and groom had no say in it at all. A modern day audience would sympathise with Juliet because today daughters can have their own say, they don't have to do what they are told. An audience in Shakespeare's time would have reacted to this conflict with astonishment, because daughters were never supposed to be disobedient, especially to their fathers. I think that the theme of conflict is very important in the play. If there wasn't any conflict the play would be extremely boring to watch and it wouldn't make you want to carry on watching it. The violence and conflict in the play still appeals to modern day audiences because we can relate to what's going on. However, the conflict in the play is different to the sorts of conflict that we would have between modern families because we don't have arranged marriages and daughters don't have to marry just to get high status. In any play, conflict is important so I think that any drama that has an exciting conflict in it will appeal to a modern day audience. ...read more.

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