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How is Act 1 scene 5 an effective piece of drama - Romeo and Juliet.

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How is Act 1 scene 5 an effective piece of drama Romeo and Juliet An effective piece of drama is when there are a lot of different characters and a contrast between each one, also when there is a contrast in language used; it is also effective if the drama grasps the audience from an early stage therefore making a good play or piece of drama. The audience judges the effectiveness of the drama because if the performers were to produce a less effective piece the audience would get restless therefore interrupting the play completely. The setting of this scene also adds to the effectiveness of this play as very much of this play is set in Capulet's house with the three Montages, Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio invite themselves into this party although they have not been invited. The party was formal with costumes brightly coloured with the intent to show what parties would be like outside the theatre. ...read more.


Lord Capulet thinks that Tybalt is being obnoxious and he tells Tybalt to leave the Montages alone for this special evening as this party was suppose to be where Juliet and the prince first saw each other before there arranged marriage. The wide variety of characters also adds to this scene being effective because there is a contrast between Romeo and Tybalt as Romeo is just out for a good night, where as Tybalt just wants to kill Romeo after he has heard of him being at the party 'what, who dares the slave come hither, cover'd with an antic face, to fleer and scorn at our solemnity'. The effect of Tybalt saying his words in this way shows how angry Tybalt is inside by the way he hisses his words out. The difference in language is used very well in this scene as it reflects the moods of the characters. ...read more.


Romeo first seeing Juliet and the contrast of love that he shows between Rosaline and Juliet and what will happen between Romeo and Juliet therefore making a very interesting scene so early into the play. I think this scene would have a big impact on the audience in Shakespearean times as plays written by Shakespeare were the main things to do in that time. I do not think that showing the play in the same way in modern times would have a big impact on people as people do not care for plays so much as there is cinema pictures but on the basis of this play it is very effective and emotional in ways it handles situations and more difficult situations. This play adds a great amount of emotion and conflict between the two families this causes the play after act 1 scene 5 to add up to a long and heart breaking experience for everyone who had known or been in contact with Romeo and Juliet at that time By Todd Hawkes-Bayliss ...read more.

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