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How is Crooks Depicted in "Of Mice and Men"?

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We see that Crooks falls into the lower, working class category. We know this because the people on the ranch look down on him because he is black and hasn?t got as many rights as the white men in the working class. We think that Steinbeck tries to show that it he is in the lower class by showing the segregation and discrimination put upon Crooks. He had shown that it was normal to be racist in the 1930's because when the men called Crooks a nigger, they didn't mean to hurt Crooks by it. As everyone is racist, others think its normal to discriminate and racially abuse Crooks and think nothing of it. The effect on the reader is that it shocks them to see the men using the word nigger and having no effect on the other men on the ranch by saying it. This is because nowadays, it is unlawful to discriminate against colour or race so if the word nigger is used to discriminate today, many people will feel disgraced. ...read more.


However, we think that even if Jim Crow laws didn't exist, some men would still be treated differently. An example is Lennie, Candy and Curley's wife. We think that Steinbeck is interested in opening the doors to the different segments of society in the 1930's. He intends to show how black people were severely segregated and separate so that Crooks' ability to socialise with the white men was prevented. In the 1930's it was especially hard for black men to find work but as Crooks was disabled and black, it would have been very hard for Crooks to be accepted. Steinbeck wanted the readers to see how Crooks had to put up With the abuse to secure his place on the ranch as he really had no choice. The only choices he had were: deal with the abuse and have a place to stay, eat and earn a little knowing that if he left, a crippled man like him will not be accepted anywhere else. ...read more.


Steinbeck was trying to show how easily the inferior race easily controlled and decided on situations without the black persons input or feelings. Crooks was treated like a piece of dirt. A polite, hardworking man who was looked down on beyond the statuses of the horses. He was a punch bag for the boss as he was an easy target and no-one would care any less. Compared to other black people in America, Crooks was lucky. The audience may not realise this but if you look at the other black people in America, Crooks had a place to stay every night; food that he could eat and some money he earned working. As racism seemed to be normal back then, everyone joined in the racial abuse, some without even knowing. Everyone seemed to be racist except for Lennie, who was too daft to realise why Crooks could be seen as different and Candy, who shares the same disability as Crooks and has no reason to discriminate apart from Crook's colour. these two men are lower in the rank so this would possibly be the reason why he is treated as an equal. ...read more.

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