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'How is dramatic tension in pages 35-42 is used to create a pivotal point in Eddie's character and the play?'

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'How is dramatic tension used between page 35-42 to create a pivotal point in Eddie's character and the play?' I am going to analyse Act 1 scene 6 to point out the dramatic tension used to create a pivotal point in Eddie's character and the play itself. By scene six we clearly see the tension growing over Eddie's opposition towards Catherine and Rodolpho's growing relationship. It is very clear that Catherine and Rudolpho like each other and Eddie doesn't bother Catherine in anyway except she is confused the fact that Eddie's acting weird towards her new found love. Eddie is back after an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Alfieri that Rodolpho is breaking the law. He also tried to prove Rodolpho is not a "real" man meaning he is Homosexual. "He ain't right" quote was always repeated in Eddie's speech showing he is obsessed and strongly believes in what he says. 'Scene six' is a particular scene where all the characters are present hence more chance of possible tension. The scene starts off with a pleasant natural conversation where the reader get to know more about the two new arrivals- Rodolpho and Marco. ...read more.


We can see he is uneasy and quite angry in the stage direction [rises, paces up and down]. He points out that Rodolpho is wrong, the way he has been taking Catherine out "without permission". Eddie ensures that Rodolpho shouldn't dare think that it is less strict in America. This also shows us some historical context in terms of social attitudes in 1940s. "It might be a little more free here but it's just as strict". In this situation, Marco agrees with Eddie and advises Rodolpho. "You come home early now, Rodolpho", portrays Marco as a responsible character. Eddie also points out Rodopho should be working not having a good time. We can see Eddie's stage directions show his anger and impatience. [Holding back a voice full of anger], fact that Eddie [goes to his rocker] and [reads the newspaper] are significant show of his Alpha male status. It is clear that stage directions imply a lot of Eddie's character as it shows his actions in addition to the speech. To Eddie's surprise Catherine puts Paper doll record on and asks Rodolpho to dance with her. We can see Eddie is definitely shocked by Catherine's open behavior in the stage direction [Eddie freezes]. ...read more.


Till this moment, we have seen Marco respecting Eddie's status. When Eddie overreacts in situations, Marco never disrespected him. However, after he insulted his brother Rodolpho , Marco ends up challenging Eddie. The act end with the tension peak still remaining at it's highest as Marco lifts the chair above Eddie's head in one hand. The "strained tension gripping" through Marco and his look is a huge warning sign for Eddie. This is a pivotal point for Eddie where he will be loosing his status, respect and power as he "absorbs" Marco's look. The audience see this particular scene as a turning point for Eddie's character. Before scene six he managed to protect his status and power. However, there were some incidents that built up the uneasiness between characters in scene five which summed up to tension in this scene. Eddie's obsessive and forcefulness started showing in scene five where he waits for Catherine and Rodolpho to arrive. The audience starts to feel Eddie is a character with few interests. Especially when he refuses to talk about their marriage with Beatrice in scene five. Instead he is obsessed with his relationship with Catherine. Catherine's personality change sums up to Eddie's pivotal point in this scene as he overreacts to gain his power over Catherine. Instead, the audience starts to realise he is loosing his power. ...read more.

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