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How is each character introduced in "Of mice and men"?

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In introduction of George into this novel is of a very cautious person ?small and quick? this is further emphasised as he has ?restless eyes? this could be because during the great depression there were many dangers therefore he had to look around and be cautious. Restless eyes could suggest he was continuously on the look for these dangers. He is described to have strong features and every part is defined ?small, strong hands, slender arms, a thin and bony nose? this is done to make him look different to his companion and also to reflect the difference in personality. In the introduction of lennie he is described as an animal as he has a ?shapeless face? just like an animal would have this also tells us his features are not very prominent. This is further emphasised when he drags his feet ?the way a bear drags his paws?, the way he walks ?sloping shoulders?, ?walked heavily? ?arms did not swing at his sides? gives the audience an impression that this character is unusual in a way these descriptions also makes him seem like an animal. ...read more.


Crooks room was ?A little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn? this is ironic because animals lived in the barn and his bunk was near it because it could symbolize he was seen/treated as an animal in society or he had the same status of an animal this reflects the society during the great. ?He had books too? this tells the reader how he spent his spare time reading because he has nobody else to talk to this idea is further emphasized by his ?golden spectacles? which he mays have used to help him read the use of the word ?golden? makes the glasses seem precious which could reflect it was important to him because it was his only pass-time because he was very lonely and he had no-one to talk to. He kept a ?mauled copy of the California civil rights code for 1905? this tells us he was aware that his colour made him inferior to society but he still kept a copy of the civil rights code to see what rights he had access to. ...read more.


Crooks is a black and is separated by the whites so he is very lonely. The depth of his eyes suggests that he is sad, tired and lonely, but the "eyes glitter with intensity", which suggests that in his deep heart, he is longing for accompaniment and he has depressed passion inside. Curley is described as a ?young thin man? with ?brown face, with brown eyes? this could suggest that he has spent a lot of time out in the sun. He has ?head of tightly curled hair? which suggest he is wound up like a spring all the time. ?like the boss He wore high heeled boots? which shows his high status on the ranch and possibly wants to be taller so people can look up to him and he can look down on everybody else. He wants to show that he is different to the rest of them and show his more powerful than the rest that is why he dresses like the boss and imitates him. His body language and behaviour shows he is very aggressive and violent because ?he glances coldly at George and then at lennie? as if he is sizing them up.? he stiffened ...read more.

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