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How is evil represented in the novela Jekyll and Hyde

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How is evil represented in the novella 'The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde', and possible reasons for his intentions? 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' was written 1886 by Robert Lewis Stevenson. Stevenson lived in Edinburgh, Scotland but based his novella in London. London at that time was victim of a great economic boom which was dramatically shaping the city, this caused the population of London to be segregated in two classes, the wealth and the poor. The story was written in the era of Queen Victoria which for the more wealthy upper class had strict social aspects which restricted them from living there life's as they pleased, this caused some who wished to remain respected upper class citizens who wished to do things that would not be accepted in there society to live a 'double life's', in the sense of nightly going on that remained oblivious to who it may it not need to concern. ...read more.


The intelligence of how Stevenson represents evil is in characters that he perceives views of other characters in the sense that they are explaining what the character looks like instead of the narrator describing the character, this is a good technique if more than one account of description is used for one character, for instance if 2 different character where to account on a description of one character they would be different and could give the reader a more dramatic image of the character. In this case best possible example would be the character of Mr Hyde, as more than one character gives a description of him that gives the reader a more dramatic and mixed image of what the character looks like, mostly leaving the reader with a mixed description for them self's giving them an image that they feel best suited at a general point which an event occurs. The character of Mr Utterson is the first to give a description of his first account of Mr Hyde and he dose so in the quote above, ...read more.


Stevenson has a unique way of mixing evil in his story's for instance he doesn't just describe evil in his characters, he also uses evil in descriptions of things that happen or he uses it to set a scene or describe a place. Stevenson is very intelligent when he describes things, he describes things to an extent but then expands on it and gives it the edge of evil "althoe a fog rolled over the city in the small hours, the early part of the night was cloudless, and the lane, which the maids window over looked, was brightly lit by the full moon", this is a good example of how Stevenson can take a simple description, expand on it slightly and give it a edge of evil. Stevenson also uses his characters to make accounts when he describes scenes, this is quite an import aspect as he can over emphasise an account from a character depending on there circumstance, but most importantly it sets a better image in the readers mind as they could possibly relate. ...read more.

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