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How is Hamlet manipulated by Hamlet's Ghost in this area of the play

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How is Hamlet manipulated by Hamlet's Ghost in this area of the play? (Pages 119-121) Close Analysis on language and persuasion This particular scene of the play brings the main plot into motion as Shakespeare finally introduces the ghost for the third time to Hamlet alone demanding his vengeance. Their interaction brings Hamlet to his madness in the next few acts, something of which Shakespeare does to expand his character and to change the minds of other characters that interact with him. It is clear by the ghost's speech that he was murdered by Claudius, and that sin must be returned with punishment. In this case, Claudius's act upon murdering King Hamlet is a sin, a sin that needs to be punished to restore order to the kingdom. The first line of the ghost's speech, 'Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast' immediately points out how vile and corrupt Claudius is, someone who has committed incest and married Gertrude, a woman who he only married to become king. The ghost's description of Claudius is very powerful and offensive, 'with witchcraft of his wits' a man who uses powerful manipulative ...read more.


use such as heavenly bed, while sleeping with his wife. Theses very lines of action has a great manipulation affect on Hamlet as he is once again held back by his mother as her behavior upsets him as well as the ghost. After getting Hamlet's attention, the ghost unfolds the story and brings an imagery of when his murder took place and how Claudius was involved. The setting of the murder is believed to be, 'within my orchard' in the 'afternoon upon my secure hour', but how could he be murdered which protected? He was killed by a very silent, clever move, poisoning the victim in the ear, 'with juice of cursed hebenon in a vial, and in the porches of my ears did pour', a very cunning and strategic method of killing someone, but it is also the most cowardly way. The next few lines give a shocking, disturbing imagery that Hamlet has bound to see now that he's under the ghost's manipulation. As the poison goes through his body, 'the swift as quicksilver it courses through the natural gates and alleys of the body', there is an ...read more.


Something needs to be done about this horrible sin caused by Claudius, taking the imagery of how the royal bed shouldn't be used for luxury at this time as an example. The ghost forgives his wife at the end, telling Hamlet to forgive her too, 'against thy mother aught. Leave her alone to heaven' in other words, she hasn't done anything wrong, an innocent who has only done what was right. She has no involvement in his murder to leave her to go to heaven which Claudius goes to hell. The impact of this speech on Hamlet has to be devastating, after listening to a ghost claiming to be his father, learning that his father was murdered by his very own uncle who has now become his step father and his mother's wife and marrying her too quickly; Hamlet has every right to go mad for the horrid imagery, language and the truth, as well as the ghost's physical appearance all appear before him, all of which manipulate him and become the cause for his next actions. ...read more.

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