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How is Love and Hate presented in 2 Pre and 2 Post 1914 poems?

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How is Love and Hate presented in 2 Pre and 2 Post 1914 poems? Many find the word Love extremely difficult to describe/ define and many consider Hate a strong word. The dictionary defines Love as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person while Hate is described as dislike intensely or passionately. The poem Havisham features what some may say righteous hatred towards the character's fianc� who was to blame for jilting her. The poem opens up with an oxymoron in shape of the first line "Beloved sweetheart bastard" which shows that she has a strong hatred towards her fianc�. ...read more.


to nature and natural elements, it also insults her as Shakespeare is trying to imply that coral is better than the lady's lips. Alternatively, perhaps Shakespeare is insulting the lady with an intension of teasing her with the idea that it would provoke their love even further. On the other hand, the poem On my first Sonne shows a strong affection from a father towards his son lamenting losing his son to death. It opens up with "...thou child of my right hand..." which could suggest the idea of a son being a right hand of his father in terms of the fact that one day a son has to take over the responsibilities of a father. ...read more.


The poem has 3 stanzas with the first 2 stanzas having 4 lines each and the last stanza having 7 lines. This could symbolise that perhaps the love and the bond between the mother and the son is growing or expanding. On the other hand, it could also imply the distance between the mother and the son, perhaps they were closer before as compared to the present (the last stanza) where they have sort of grown apart because of the circumstances or the decisions made by the son. In my opinion, this distance can be either physical, mental or in terms of a parent child bonding, it's completely up to the interpretation of a reader but I believe that it's more likely to be the distance in terms of mental and physical distance. ...read more.

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