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How is Tension Created and the Effect in "Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry".

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How is Tension Created and the Effect Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, is a novel that explains the racial issues and segregation that occurred in 1930s Mississippi. Mildred D Taylor explains to the reader that the white community had no intention of making the black's lives peaceful or danger free. D. Taylor creates danger in a number of ways. The first event fulfilled with tension is the Berrys' Burnings,' See them Berrys' burnin' wasn't no accident.' This event occurs at the beginning of the book which sends out a high level of tension when you start to read. By this event the audience begin to realise the racial issues that the black community have to face. The reader is also unaware of who is responsible for these happenings. The next high tension filled event is the behaviour of the bus driver and children towards the Logan family. When Little Man is walking to school in his Sunday best clean clothes, the other children hear the bus and tell him to go up into the mud on the mound at the side of the road to avoid the bus, 'you're gonna get them a whole lot dirtier you stay down there'. ...read more.


The digging of the hole is a happy and amusing part of the story because it is pure sweet revenge, 'Stacey and I shovelled ragged holes almost a yard wide and a foot deep towards each other'. This incident occurs when the Logan children decide that they have had enough of acceptance towards the behaviour of the driver on the bus and Stacey comes up with the idea of digging the hole so that the bus gets stuck in the mud and the white children have to walk like they do. This action makes the reader feel delighted and rather amused with the revenge. Notably, Cassie seeing the mysterious night men is a very alarming piece of tension, 'the man walked slowly up the drive!' This event happens when Cassie goes out onto the porch because she hears Jason her dog barking outside. She goes out and sees caravans and cars pull up. This is a high level piece of tension because the night men are unknown to Cassie and to the reader. ...read more.


Mr Simms, Lillian's father, sees this and makes Cassie apologise. Cassie refuses because of her anger and Big Ma overhears. Cassie is surprised because Big Ma forces her to apologise when she normally sticks up for Cassie. The reader feels sympathy towards Cassie because of her hurt feelings. Cassie is feeling that the unfair attitudes of the whites is getting too much for her and thinks that Big Ma has turned against her. At home her mother speaks to her and says 'everyone on this earth is born something' which makes Cassie think of her revenge plan against Lillian Jean. She befriends Lillian Jean in order to humiliate her when Lillian Jean thinks that she has the upper hand. As you can see this novel shows a lot of things that the black community had to put up with. Its description of social relationships in the1930s Mississippi remains relevant today. The novel brings to life the consequences of slavery and racist attitudes. For me this book shows that if there was enough love and acceptance in the world things like this would not happen and everyone could live their lives as themselves and not be afraid. ...read more.

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