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How is the character of Charlie presented in Flowers of Algernon?

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How is the character of Charlie presented in Flowers of Algernon and how does he develop Charlie is the main character in Flowers for Algernon. His full name is Charlie Gordon. He is 37 years old and the way we know this is in the bit before scene one starts of the script. Charlie wants to be smart and this is the dream of Charlie which motivates through his time before the surgery takes place. Charlie is Instantly presented as a unintelligent person as in the first paragraph alone there are spelling mistakes, not to mention how also in the first paragraph he also says how he wants to be smart. We know this through him saying ?I want to be smart? Before this is said though he says how a Miss Kinnian tells him how some people can make him smart but it is not quite not known yet how. In scene one Charlie immediately says how that he wants to be smart. Charlie is found presented in front of Dr Strauss and Dr Nemur with Miss Kinnian beside him. ...read more.


This helps show Charlie?s personality and shows how he is presented as a under confident, unintelligent adult who speaks as if he is a child. In scene 9 after which he has this surgery done by Dr Strauss he awakes still with surgery not finished quite yet as his eyes are still bandaged. At an instant after Miss Kinnian says how the operation is over the first thing that pops up from Charlie is his question of if he is smart yet. Dr Strauss: Wake up Charlie. Charlie groans as he partly surfaces. Miss Kinnian: Hello Charlie Charlie: Miss Kinnian? Miss Kinnian: That?s right. Charlie: Where are you? I can?t see! I can?t see anything! Dr Strauss: There are bandages on your eyes. Charlie: What happened? Miss Kinnian: The operation?s over, Charlie. It?s all over. Charlie: Am I smart, now? Dr Strauss: Go back to sleep. I?ll come and see you again soon. It is only a few lines away from this it Dr Strauss starts talking about Charlie with Miss K asking if the operation has worked. ...read more.


This is known as independence. Charlie realises that he has feelings for a certain someone which he has known for a while now, Mrs Kinnian and this is expressed on scene 23. This also shows how he is presented in the book as someone who cannot have the person they love. Charlie (tape): I don?t understand why I never noticed how beautiful Miss Kinnian really is. She has brown eyes and feathery brown hair that comes to the top of her neck. She?s only thirty four! I think from the beginning I had the feelings that she was an unreachable genius-and very, very old. Now, every time I see her she grows younger and lovely. It is straight after this going into scene 24 how Miss Kinnian tells Charlie herself how he has seen Charlie develop at an alarming rate. No matter how much he has developed he still doesn?t feel he is. Charlie: I don?t feel intelligent. There are so many things I don?t understand. Miss Kinnian: You?ve got to be patient. You?re accomplishing in weeks what normal people half a lifetime. It?s amazing. You?re like a giant sponge, soaking things in. Facts, figures, general knowledge. This shows how Charlie has been presented in the book and how he has developed throughout it. Disiy.M 9A ...read more.

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