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How is the company of wolves gothic literature?

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How is the company of wolves gothic literature? The Company of wolves can be classed as gothic literature. The story features Death and Decay, Doubling, Supernatural, a gothic setting and religious and sexual imagery. The setting in the story is mainly in a deep dark forest at night, during the long cold winter. This is a typical type of setting in a gothic story, the majority of gothic stories are set at night in dark, cold and unwelcome places'. ...read more.


The supernatural in the story is the fact that the werewolves are there. Werewolves are supernatural creatures. There is also a lot of superstition in the story it's believed that witches have the power to turn men into wolves and people believe that there's an ointment given to you by the devil that can turn you into a wolf. Doubling also features in the story as man turning into wolf, an example of this is that the grandmother is a werewolf and she changes into the wolf to try and get the little girl. ...read more.


The grandmother had a bible, which she read from each day and a wolf killed her "You can hurl you bible at him...but it won't do you any good." Sexual imagery is also featured in the story this is more unique in 20th century gothic stories compared with 19th century. In the story the only people who can outwit the werewolves are the pure virgins " Carnivore incarnate, only immaculate flesh will appease him." These are all features that can be used to class a story as a piece of gothic literature, they all occur in the Company of Wolves, which therefore makes it a gothic story. ...read more.

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